How to Get Started in Social Media Marketing


Social Media. Where to start!?! If you haven't already joined the race to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc... you're likely feeling pressure to do so. We share some pointers from Tin Shingle co-founder Sabina Ptacin below on what to consider when making the plunge. For more on how businesses are using social media to grow (including members like Palmetto Cheese, check out this recent article published on USA Today).

"Baby step it out," and see what feels comfortable and doable. You need to be consistent with social media. So if you can't contribute on a daily basis, you might want to hold off on creating a public profile.

Start conversations by posting updates, photos and interesting industry news, as well as questions for followers. The queries can be simple, such as asking for feedback on a new product or for opinions on industry news. And don't worry if no one responds. It doesn't mean that no one likes you, or you're bad at Facebook. If the questions are authentic and interesting, they will eventually get replies.

Don't aggressively push a product or service. That could scare away potential followers. Pretend that you're at a party and act how you would behave. No one wants to talk to the person who is always talking about themselves. … They want you to ask them questions and engage in conversations.