The Only 5 Things Every Biz Needs to do Before Pressing Record


You’re most likely reading this because you’re ready to bring your face (or your business) into the homes of other people (via video of course) in order to build buzz in a high impact and personal way.  The good news is that the mental hurdles to this are often far more challenging than the physical or technological aspects of it.  In fact, you’re only a short checklist away from pressing record!  The rules below are a going to help ensure you and your message are delivered in a way that’s easy to understand and keeps people coming back for more.  We also love these guidelines because they don’t require any trips to an electronics store or a production team, just attention to some small yet powerful details.

Make Sure You and Whatever You are Filming is Well Lit:

This doesn't mean you have to go buy special studio lighting (though these days you can find inexpensive starter lights) but it does mean that before you hit "record" you've tested your shot to be sure it's bright enough and you are well lit.  This can be accomplished easily via natural light or light from your home (just drag a few extra lamps in from other rooms if necessary). 

Sort out Your Background

No one wants to watch a video of you and get an eyefull of your laundry or messy bed in the background.  Same goes for a background that showcases a sink of dirty dishes.  Set up your shot, look through it (or shoot a test video) and check out what is displayed behind you.  At the very least it should be neat and clean, and if you're feeling extra fancy you may want to do some staging.  Remember, before you know it thousands of people could be watching your videos, and what they see behind and around you speaks volumes about you and your business.

Plan What You're Going to Talk About

You don't have to create an Oscar-worthy script before starting to record videos but planning ahead will prevent you from meandering while recording, and ensure you don't miss any of your awesome talking points.  For some, all you'll need to do is practice a few times and you'll have it down pat.  Others may want to refer to notecards or post-its on their computer screen or camera to keep them on track.  Do whatever works for you, but realize that the people watching your videos want information quickly and clearly, and planning what you're going to say ahead of time will help you give them just that!

Be a Student of Your Craft

Yes, there is a learning curve when you're trying to become a whiz at video creation or webinar hosting.  That said, anything you want to do well at or improve on requires studying and practice.  I'm not saying you need to sign up for courses on this but the more you can learn about it, check out some simple online tutorials and tips from other pros, the easier and faster you'll begin to master it and become more comfortable with it!