How Do you Embed an Animated GIF into A Blog Post


Unless this is the first time on the internet, you're aware of the massive GIF trend. All of those cute animal pictures, celebrities paired with funny quotes and the unbelievable moments caught on tape that are now all over the web and appear animated, like the photo above with the guys jumping. No matter if your blog post is about how to make homemade vegan granola bars or about the latest news story, adding an animated GIF helps bring your post alive and makes it much more entertaining for your readers.

If you are working in any WYSIWYG editor (What You See Is What You Get) to write your posts (this is the area where you type out your blog post, NOT the HTML view), all you have to do to embed a GIF is to upload it just like you would a regular picture. Make sure the extension of the image is .GIF. When you upload it with that extension your animated GIF will automatically appear correctly on your website. How to make an animated .GIF from a video is a different story, and you can click here for great directions using Photoshop.

The same goes for if you are working with Wordpress. Upload the GIF as you would any regular image with the correct extension. Make sure you select the full-sized version, you want the original file.  Then preview your post and watch your animated GIF in amazement!