Cover Art Photo Dimensions For Social Media Platforms


Social Media Cover Art DimensionsHurrah! You have new cover art for your Facebook business page! Because you love consistency, and because consistency is key to strong branding, you're going to upload it to your Twitter page, and to your Google+ Plus page that you finally started paying attention to. But wait - the photo in Twitter got all stretched out and blurry, and the one at Google+ is cut off in the wrong places. This is like playing whac-a-mole with your branding at different social media platforms!

When you or your design team are designing cover art for the social platforms representing your business, use this simple guide for your cover photos at Facebook, Twitter, Google+ Plus and LinkedIn. There are much more detailed cover art, photo, and ad dimension breakdowns from Hubspot and from Linkencounter, but for a simple look at cover art and how your brand is being presented to a reader and future customers quickly, follow this guide.

Last Updated: November 10, 2014

Logos and Profile Pictures Are Becoming Circles
Circles are very hot right now on the web. Many companies are featuring logos of their member brands or accounts in circles. If your logo is a square or a rectangle or a triangle, it may not translate well when a website forces it into a circle. You can control how it looks by having your graphic designer design you a version of your logo that is a circle, and it is this version of your logo that you will upload into your profile accounts at different websites.



Cover Photo at a Facebook Business Page

Cover Photo Dimension: 851w x 315h
Logo Dimension (aka "Profile Photo"): 180w x 180h
Up to the Minute Dimensions: Facebook's Current Dimensions
Consider This: Facebook used to not allow or encourage you to put text in your cover photo, such as a "call-to-action" like "We Are Having A Sale!" However, not only does that rule not appear on Facebook's Guideline page anymore, as pointed out by Hubspot, Facebook gives you a hint as to how to upload a more successful cover photo if it does have text in it (they suggest you use a .PNG file).

As for your logo, consider that it is placed slightly over your cover photo, and on the left. So don't repeat your logo in your cover photo.



Cover Photo at Twitter Profile

Cover Photo Dimension: 1500w x 500h
Logo Dimension: 100w x 100h This logo appears as a square, but circles do look very nice on Twitter streams, should you want to design it that way.
Up to the Minute Dimensions: The current cover photo dimensions will be in your Twitter account when you're logged in and uploading the cover photo.
Consider This: Depending on your brand, you may want to invoke an emotion like they do here at Twitter. But for the branding of your business account, you may opt for visual consistency rather than different art, despite how cool it is. Twitter allows you to put words in your cover photo. Your main goal should be consistent branding and overall look compared with the rest of your cover photos. Your logo is placed slightly over your cover photo, and on the left. So don't repeat your logo in your cover photo.



Cover Photo Dimension: There is no cover photo!
Logo Dimension (aka "Profile Photo"): 80w x 120h (or vice versa) and displays in a circle.
Consider This: The focus at Pinterest is at individual pin boards. Pinterest made the executive decision to not encourage businesses to think about their overall cover photos for the entire brand, but to focus on cover photos at each pin board within their account. I cover this in a downloadable #TuneUp webinar available here.



Cover Photo Dimension: There is no cover photo! Instagram makes your own live one with your photos!
Logo Dimension (aka "Profile Photo"): 100w x 100h of a photo that you upload.


Cover Photo at Google Plus Account

Cover Photo Dimension: 180w x 608h
Logo Dimension (aka "Profile Photo"): 100w x 100h This photo is displayed around the web as a circle. You can upload a square, but Google turns it into a circle.
Up to the Minute Dimensions: Google's Current Dimensions
Consider This: Google+ blurs out the left side of your cover photo. Say goodbye to the left side of your design, or design your cover photo to have a solid box of color on first third of your cover photo.



Cover Photo at LinkedIn Company Page

Cover Photo Dimension (aka "Banner Image"): 646w x 200h
Logo Dimension Normal: 100w x 60h
Logo Dimension Square: 50w x 50h (this logo is used when your company page makes public updates)
Up to the Minute Updates: LinkedIn's Current Dimensions
Consider This: LinkedIn doesn't mind if you include words, or a message in your cover art, as indicated by LinkedIn's very own cover art. Makes your job easier of promoting a campaign or movement!