Basic Periscope Strategy & Etiquette


Periscope Strategy and Etiquette

Lights, Camera, Action: Broadcasting Begins...

Now that you've created your Periscope account, it's time to release your first broadcast. Here's my first word of advice for you: don't over think. Just do. It's fun, it's easier than you think, you get instant feedback and if you don't like your video clip don't worry, you can always delete it, or let it "self destruct" in 24 hours!

Before you do your first "scope" remember you need to create a title for your video. When you click on the Broadcast button (gray square on the bottom if you're an iPhone, red square for Andoid) you'll see your screen pop up and a cursor with the words "What are you seeing now". That, my friends, is where you write your title. You need this if you want to attract people to your broadcast.

Create a clear, catchy title and remember it releases to Twitter (unless you unclick the Twitter option, which I advise against doing) so you may want to include a hashtag or two as you would in Twitter.

It's important to remember that title is "selling" your broadcast and attracting people to your feed, so if you make it too unclear or branded with hashtags no one understands, it will be harder to grow your audience.

You're Live - and Seeing Hearts!

Hearts are the new like. What do I mean by that? Hearts are the way you show love on Persicope. When you're watching someone's broadcast, you can double click the screen and send them hearts. When people watch yours they can do the same. Try not to beg or ask for them, it's like someone saying "please like my post guys!" or "give me more hearts on Instagram".  Not cool.  Sure you can say "if you agree, show me some love" but try not to get desperate my friends.

Because broadcasts are uploaded and saved for 24 hours (unless they're deleted by the broadcaster) you can watch clips others have done when they are no longer live, and you can still give them some love and hearts. Like everything in social media, give and receive them authentically.

Remind People to Follow You During Your Broadcast

If you're sharing tips, ideas or even your everyday day-to-day life with your Persicope viewers, it's good to let them know that they can follow your account to be sure they're alerted anytime you're on. You can do this while you're talking to them by creating your own version of: "Hey guys, swipe left (for iOS) or right (Android) to follow".  This tends to inspire people to do just that and with an easy click they can follow your feed.  Then, every time you're on they'll hear a whistle and know you're broadcasting live.

Let's Talk About Your Followers & Viewers:

So you're doing your first broadcast and you see viewers popping in - some of whom you've never heard of! How did they find you? Who are they? Is the number on your screen the number of people watching you? Here are a few things to know about these viewers:

  • Unless you hit the "privacy" (lock symbol) on your broadcast screen, anyone can watch you. They may find you because you're broadcast is displaying on "who is on live" on the Periscope homescreen, they may find you via your Twitter stream (which you should always keep on - don't hide your broadcasts from here, what's the point?) and many will be unknown to you. That's just fine. The more the merrier!
  • Your Twitter feed (if it's not blocked by you when you start broadcasting) will be alerted to your broadcasting, so your followers, or anyone who is on the hunt for hashtags you're displaying (including a #Periscope tag that goes up automatically) will lure them to you.
  • If no one shows up to your first couple of broadcasts that is FINE. See them as learning experiences.  Also know, if you see a number in the right hand side of the screen, please know that when you're done, you'll most likely discover that even more people were watching you via the web. There are also more live viewers on than you realize.  You will get the full stats on who was live, who was on the web and even who replayed and rewatched your broadcast when you complete it.

What about the Weirdos?

Yup, the Internet and Periscope do allow anyone to pop onto your broadcast and say anything. And no matter what you're talking about, sometimes they will. Don't worry about it, whether they decide what you're saying sucks, or they ask you to take off your shirt. Yes, I've heard it all.

Instead of letting it bring you down, just block them! Easy peasy! When they pop on your screen making a comment all you need to do is take your finger, click on their name and their profile will come up. Then KABLAM you can block them! No more problems from that weirdo. I don't even mention them when I'm doing it, I just say a mental "goodbye buddy" and go along my merry, Periscope-ing way!

If you miss them on your broadcast, you can also block them by clicking on their profile after it's done, which you can access via your viewer list and broadcast "stats" you get when it's completed.

Do I Share Tips? Show Off My Office? Just Talk with No Plans?

Yes, Yes, Yes...Here's the thing: Periscope is like a real reality show in some ways. It's like teleporting into someone's home or office or world? Share what you want to share! Give daily tips, share a behind the scenes looks at how you work, just chat with them!  The key here is that the more people feel like they know you, are connected to you or are getting value from you the more they'll stick around and follow you.

True story: I'm still a Periscoping newbie, but I can tell you that despite all the dope small biz tips I share (live at 5, daily, from my Sabina Hitchen Periscope account) the most love I ever got was when I chatted live with people about, well, everything and nothing, while I walked my dog around the park for 30 minutes. Yes, I chatted for 30 minutes and it was a blast! I connected with people from Scotland to Egypt, we talked business to sleep habits to music, and I gained followers who to this day are on my broadcasts every day!

If you really want to use Periscope to build your brand, I recommend doing a bit of both - give them their tips, or insight into your business and give them a peek into your life!

A Few Final Thoughts...

Like anything new in business and life, the thought of doing your first broadcast on Periscope can give you a serious does of analysis paralysis. It feels daunting to share yourself and your face live on camera to the world more or less. But let me tell you this: it can be so awesome and productive when you finally let go and press record!

Why? You'll connect "face to face" with your brand loyalists, you'll get a chance to attract people to your website, your social media feeds will grow (they'll hunt you down everywhere), you'll connect with people all over the world...The list goes on and on!

Get out there, let your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram followers know where to find you and dip your toe in the Periscope pool! The water is warm!