12 Days of Buzz Building Ideas for Your Holiday Break (or Anytime) PART TWO


Our 12 Days of Buzz Buidling Continues with four more super-powered yet simple (yes, it can be done) ideas you can incorporate into your business now, or stockpile to use when the madness of the holiday season dies down.

You do not want to miss these - our strategies (including a free App that will change the way you Tweet and use hashtags forever) are going to make you thankful you took the time to try them out.  Get ready to build up your social media muscles for a socially stronger 2015!

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#5 Revisit & Update Your Bios on the Big Social Platforms

Do you need to add any special awards or press you received? Is your photo up-to-date (no lie, I once went to Fox New to do a segment and they didn't recognize me in the lobby as they were looking for the gal in my Twitter photo, who had since dyed her hair)? Does it still convey what you do and what your business stands for?  A new year is the perfect time to freshen up your bios.  While some of us remember doing this on Facebook or Twitter, we often forget in other places like LinkedIn, Instagram or Google+. 

Pretend you're another person and visit each of your social feeds.  Read your bios. Is this what you want people to think about you and your business?  If not, give those feeds a little TLC!

Psst: Need some tips on how to write a killer Twitter bio? This podcast has got your back!

#6 Do Some Hashtag Hunting - Plug & Discover

Have you ever gone hashtag hunting?  Most of us scan our feeds or lists in Twitter and Instagram and check out "our usuals" - our usual feeds, friends, followers...But how much do you research hashtags that represent your industry, niche or the world of small biz and entrepreneurship.

Case in point, I recently plugged #smallbiz and then #entrepreneur in my Twitter feed and within a few minutes had discovered some Twitter chats that proved quite valuable to me, I connected with an editor I hadn't seen on Twitter before (who covers entrepreneurship) and I found an awesome infographic.  What could your next Hashtag Hunt reveal for you?  Be sure to check out hashtags associated with what you do for a living and the world of small business.  The information is free, but what you'll get out of it can be priceless!

#7 Use RiteTag to Rate Your Hashtags as You Type Them

Do you ever wonder if you're using the "right" hashtag when tweeting?  Is it overused?  Underused?  Could there be a better hashtag choice that will link you into the right conversations or draw more people to you?  Wonder no more!  By installing the free (!) plugin RiteTag you'll get an assessment of your hashtag use as you type it!  But that's not all folks!  As you type it they'll give you other, better options of hashtags you can use instead. I know!  Where have you been all my Twitter life RiteTag!  #EasyButton.

#8 Master the Art of Instagram Videos

Guess what? People don't just love seeing your photos via Instagram (a social platform where it's totally acceptable to selfie up a storm or post photos of yourself doing different biz or personal tasks throughout the day).  People LOVE seeing your videos.  They love hearing you, feeling your energy, getting to know who you are a bit more personally.  Those things don't just entertain and attract followers, they create customers and brand believers who trust and like you.  People who trust and like you follow you and buy from you.  The trick is, you have to master the art in speaking concisely and in under fifteen seconds.  It's a talent that can be tricky to master but the results are worth it.  Give it a go, get comfortable with it and give your social followers what they want and love!