How to Create Internal Links on Your Own Website


Your own website has fantastic content and pictures on it. So why not make it easier for your readers to reach these pages? Not only could you be helping your readers click through your website, but you could be helping search engines like Google find more pages as well, and strengthen those pages' SEO.

Create links from your own content to other pages of your content. This not only makes for easy access, but if you include your desired keywords in the linked text, that makes search engines happy as well, and improves your chances of ranking well in search engines for those terms.

Here are some best practices when creating internal links on your website:

Link the keyword phrase from Page A to Page B early on in Page A. The link is best early on in the content.

Don't link the keyword each time it is mentioned to the desired internal page. Once or twice is fine. Once is good for SEO, and if you link the keyword phrase additional times, make sure your reasoning is that the link placement was so intuitive, you couldn't pass it up.

Do use the phrase "Click here to..." if you need to. If you don't think the link will be intuitive to your readers, and you suspect they need a call to action like this, then include it.

Do set up a free account with Google's Webmaster Tools. This will show you a good indication of which words are wrapped in links from both outside (external) websites, as well as your own (internal) website pages.