How to Build a Stunning Website Without Code


The one thing every Tin Shingler needs is a website! Whether your objective is to establish credibility with your target customer, create a way to generate sales leads, display your product or personal portfolio or sell online, nothing does that quite like a website. And nobody understands this more than the folks at Wix provides you with the ability to DIY your website (for free) using their easy drag and drop editor, no coding required. Wix templates can help save the DIY Tin Shingle both time and money - plus they look really nice! Check out these Wix sites created by members Dawn Del Russo and Nitika Chopra.

We caught up with Ariele Krantzow, the Wix Trainer and Support Manager at the Wix Lounge in NYC to ask her for some advice when working with a website template.

Ariele has been working with Wix for 2 years, and these are her tips for someone who's just starting out: 

  1. Make a plan: Before you start building your site or even choose a template, organize your thoughts.  Figure out the pages your site needs and what content will go on each of them. Once you have all of your content collected, adding it into the template is a piece of cake.
  2.  Choose a Template: Take your time picking out a template that works for you. It’s much easier to take some time to choose the right template at the beginning than realizing that you like another one more and have to start over halfway through the process. When choosing a template, focus more on the actual structure of the site, where content is located. Remember that you can always change the look and feel by changing skins, colors, fonts, photos, or adding or deleting any other extras. Wix templates are completely customizable, so don’t get bogged down with the details of the template’s design.
  3. Click Around: Wix, like any other program, takes a minute to learn. Before you start building your site, take some time to play around, click all the buttons, and get comfortable with Wix.
  4. SEO: Change your Site Title and Description.  These not only show up at the top of your browser’s tab. They will also appear on search engines. Put thought into writing these and use your keywords as they will be a great help in getting higher up in the search engine ranks.
  5. Don’t Get Frustrated: Wix has excellent support available. You can find help inside of the editor, on the website support tab, over email, over the phone, and in person at the Wix Lounge in NYC.