Press Alternatives to Daily Candy: Who You Should Pitch Now That Daily Candy is Closed


Daily Candy was a goal and inspiration for many small business owners and entrepreneurs. When it closed, there was definitely a void in many entrepreneur's business fantasies and also in their media strategies.  At Tin Shingle we received countless emails and tweets asking: "Which members of the press should I pitch to get featured and press?"  We complied a few suggestions of other media outlets that curate cool products and services like Daily Candy did.  Check out the list below, and also be sure you read this post on what lessons we can take away from the end of Daily Candy



PureWow is a digital publication dedicated to finding ways to make your life more interesting, beautiful and manageable. Their motto, "Elevate the Everyday," drives them to deliver irresistible discoveries to their readers every single day. This online lifestyle site and newsletter covers women's interests. Focuses on the interests of women ages 35 and up, including culture, health, beauty, fashion, charity, technology, travel, home and other topics.

They offer a daily e-mail in addition to features and articles on the site. The readership for their e-newsletter is over 2.5 million and they now also cover specific city coverage outside of their regular, national coverage. Sections include Food+Drink, Fashion+Accessories, Arts+Culture, Travel+Destinations, Health+Wellness, Gadgets+Tech, Skin+Beauty, Home+Garden and Charities+Causes.


This outlet is an e-mailed newsletter geared towards men in their twenties and thirties who work hard and play harder. Their goal is to share the best in food, drinks, gear, gadgets, sports, travel and services and provide information on all that is new, unknown or "inexcusably under-appreciated".

Their 21 editions offered include Nation, as well as local guides to all that is a must have for men in Atlanta, Austin, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, The Hamptons, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, Philadelphia, Portland, San Diego, San Francisco, Seattle and Washington D.C.

Take it straight from their mouths, "We're not going to waste our time or yours with things that suck -- you already have your job for that. So we don't write reviews, just recommendations, and because we painstakingly wade through the crap to unearth greatness."  Reaches over 9 million website readers and over 5.5 million email subscribers. In fact, a Tin Shingle member, Palmetto Cheese, was featured as a must-have snack.


Cool Mom Picks
This website and newsletter's tag line says it all "the coolest gifts and gear for parents" and it covers everything from must-haves for kids to items parents can also use.  This is one of those places you want to check out right away if you'd been pining for a Daily Candy Kids placement. 

Another thing we LOVE about this site?  Well just read this from their own About Us section:

While the Cool Mom team will crush on all kinds of things that are cool and helpful to parents, we are big advocates of indie design, boutique brands, and entrepreneurs. Especially from mom and women-run companies. How great is it to be able to stay true to your design sensibilities while rallying behind an entrepreneur who’s supporting her family through her work? 

Hello!  They house their editorial team's emails and Twitter handles on their homepage so it's easy to get to know their coverage and pitch them if you're a fit! In fact, a Tin Shingle member, Dot Girl Products, was just featured in Cool Mom Picks!


This awesome outlet is the largest independent fashion and style website in the United States and delivers nonstop inspiration to live a more stylish and creative life. In addition to its global and local newsletter editions and 24/7 original editorial content, Refinery29 reaches over 10 million visitors every month and over 1.25 million subscribers with content, commerce, and community, giving them all the tips, tricks, and tools they need to "live a more beautiful life".

It's goal is to help people discover the latest and best in independent fashion, beauty and style. Provides user-friendly shop maps, definitive city travel diaries, weekly designer features, in-the-street style chats, trend updates, must-have picks and music reviews. Devoted to seeking out the people, products, and ideas that set the bar for originality and exceptionality.

the Cut, from New York Magazine

The Cut (from NY Magazine)
This blog may be hosted by but don't think that it covers things that are only New York-centric.  The outlet covers all aspects of fashion in the New York area and beyond. As their website says, their main focuses are "Fashion, Beauty, Sex, Politics and Celebrity.  From trends and celebrities' clothing choices to fashion shows and new clothing lines, anything and everything is covered.

They describe their own coverage as combining the beauty of a high-end fashion magazine with the dynamic energy of the web, exploring a modern woman's world with intelligence, sophistication, and humor.


Urban Daddy
If you want to reach out to Urban Daddy, you want to be sure your company creates things that are geared toward trendsetting, affluent male professionals. This website and newsletter filters and delivers information on the best in food, nightlife, entertainment, style, travel and gear.

In addition to the eponymous lifestyle title UrbanDaddy, UrbanDaddy Enterprises publishes five other editorial titles: Driven (auto), Jetset (travel), Kempt (men’s style), Manero (Latin American lifestyle) and Ski & Board (winter sports). UrbanDaddy Enterprises publishes premium local content in 12 cities, reaching millions of members nationally. UrbanDaddy targets an affluent, college-educated audience interested in aspirational and connoisseur lifestyles.

Cool Hunting Cool Hunting
Though not as mainstream as some of our other options above, this curator of all things cool loves to get pitches, products, ideas and innovations that highlight beautiful design sent to them before they've been covered by everyone else.  Their stories and videos highlight creativity and innovation in design, art, technology, style, culture, food and travel, mobility, music, apparel, and more and are shared via daily updates and weekly mini-documentaries.


Remember, having a list of these outlets is only the first step.  Before reaching out to them you want to read them, get to know their coverage and editorial style and be sure you're a good fit for them and their readers.  Then check out which of their editors or reporters covers stories or products like yours.  Good news for you throughout this process?  Because they are online outlets, you can find most of their team's contact information (emails, social media handles) on their websites. At Tin Shingle, we empower small businesses, experts and young and established brands to make this happen through our unique membership program which you can join at any time. Once you unlock membership, you can have instant access to Media Contacts at major magazines, Editorial Calendars, select PR Leads, an all-access free pass to all classes in our .EDU Education Program, a connection to a trusted community of other businesses who are going through what you are experiencing as you grow your brand. Click here to learn more about membership with Tin Shingle.

Want to be sure your pitch is perfect before reaching out?  Download one of our PR-focused podcasts that have helped countless entrepreneurs like you pitch better and score press! Or, get a private pitch review from our Pitch Whisperer Program!

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