Valentine's Day Pitch Ideas for Expert or Service Businesses


A great way to get visibility during Valentine's Day as a service-based business or if you are an expert is to share your business by exposing your expert status. Create tip sheets that you can send to editors and producers that are stories and segment ideas. Even though it's the job of an editor or producer to think up a segment idea, they do value when segment ideas are sent to them.

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Here are some example ideas to get your creative juices flowing:

  • DIY Date Night at Home (great for cocktail ideas, recipes, decorating tips, gift ideas etc)
  • Valentine's Day Party Decorating Tips
  • Love & Relationship Advice from experts
  • Love Your Body & Your Heart - tips from health & wellness experts
  • Valentine's Day Hair or Make-Up Tips
  • How to Look Fabulous on Your Valentine's Day Date
  • How to Write the Perfect Valentine's Day Card - a great idea for writers!

Or how about:

  • Top 10 Free Dates in NYC for Valentine's Day
  • Love Expert on 10 Ways you can be sure your love will last past Valentine's Day
  • How to keep the romance alive during stressful times
  • The History of Valentine's Day - 5 traditions viewers may be unaware of
  • Top Deals on the Web this Valentine's Day
  • How to turn your home into a romantic weekend getaway

Create tip sheets that can easily be lifted into newspapers, websites and blogs.  Everyone loves a good tip sheet whether they enjoy them for information, a preview for what you can do for a possible segment, or filler content in a print or online outlet.  Every expert or company that provides a relevant service at this time of year should have a few tip sheets that they can offer to the media this season. This could easily turn into a hit online or a segment created around the tip sheets on television. 

Just figure out what you can share, make sure it is customized to the outlet and holiday, craft it and edit it, and you're ready for outreach!