Planes, Trains, & Automobiles translate into more places to pitch!


Often I find myself traveling between Philadelphia and New York City visiting a client, or even a friend, and though my lap is stacked with work files and magazines, I always end up flipping through and reading quite a lot if not all of the "Arrive" Magazine that Amtrak provides.  They tend to place stories locally and based on the train's route, and have done some great personality profiles.

Similarly, when stuck on the tarmac or holding pattern in an airport, many of us grab whatever airline magazine is in the seatback in front of us:  Delta Sky, Arrivals, American Way, you name it!  How many of you have ever pitched these outlets yourselves?  Nearly all have great fashion stories, cover local stores and restaurants along their routes, and stories about interesting locals. 

Just think about the pass along rate of that magazines as passengers change in aircraft multiple times daily!  The next time you're traveling make a point to grab the airline magazines and study them.  Until then go online and study the pattern and style of the airline's magazines.  Call their publishing house and ask to speak to an editorial assistant, and ask him or her to send you a copy for you to check out for "advertising" opportunities.  This will allow you to get to know it and find out how to pitch yourself into it best. 

As always, use the masthead of the magazine to pinpoint which editor at which you should direct your pitch.

Magazines from the travel world include:

Air Canada (enRoute Magazine)

Alaska Airlines (Alaska Airlines Magazine)

Aloha Airlines (Spirit of Aloha)

American Airlines (American Way, Celebrated Living)

American Eagle (Latitudes)

Arrive (Amtrak)

British Airways (High Life, Business Life)

Delta Airlines (Sky Magazine)

KLM (Holland Herald)

Northwest Airlines (Northwest Airlines WorldTraveler)

Quantas (Australian Way)

Southwest Airlines (Spirit)

Spirit Airlines (Skylights)

US Airways (US Airways)

United Airlines (Hemispheres)