I just began my own DIY PR campaign. How soon after I begin pitching the press can I expect to see results?


As publicists, we always tell our clients that building brand recognition takes time. National magazine editors work with 3-4 month lead times, which means that although the holiday shopping season has just begun, your favorite magazine is working on its March or April issue. If you have just started your DIY PR campaign and have pitched editors, it can take up to six months for your brand to be featured on the pages of that magazine.

You can see results with blog and other online media coverage much more quickly than print. The online world works in a  more “real time” setting, with editors and bloggers looking for content that will posted within a few days or weeks. Prior to pitching, make sure to research and read the blog to make sure your pitch is an appropriate fit for the blog’s audience.  Blog posts can also link directly to your e-commerce website, which can lead to instant increased web traffic and potential sales.  

Consistent press coverage over time, both in print and online, helps to build brand awareness with consumers. We recommend allowing a minimum of 6 months before a brand can begin to see the results of their PR efforts.