I Got Into PeopleStyleWatch, How Can I Leverage This Opportunity? (a strategy that an be applied to many other fashion magazines!)


Success! Your brand was included in the issue! Congrats to you!  Now what?  Well, first things first, pick up a copy of the magazine and scan both the press page and cover page.  These images should be posted on ALL of your social media.  Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, your blog/website and so on.  Additionally you need to tag @PeopleStylewatchMag (Instagram) @StyleWatchMag (Twitter) on all posts.  Sometimes the editor or PSW will like or retweet your post (791k followers on Twitter!) which is huge too.  Also, note specific hashtags used for each issue.  In the beginning of the magazine they always show Instagram photos (this could be you in the future!) so incorporate those custom hashtags too.  #mystylewatch is used for every issue and each month a new one is created too.  For August it’s #PlayUpYourShape and they recently used #ReasonsToLoveSummer for July.  Be sure to mention that wonderful deal you’ve offered too!  And lastly, a handwritten thank you note to the editor is a lovely touch.  You can also thank via email (and use it as a good time to pitch something new too!) to maintain the relationship you’re building too.

Remember, it’s so important to understand the magazine that you’re trying to get into.  Not just People Stylewatch but this formula works for all of your target magazines.  Once you’re familiar with the publication, put together a thoughtful pitch with all of the pertinent information and you’ll start getting those requests to come in.  It takes time but with persistence and hard work and creativity, you’ll definitely accomplish that goal of a feature in People Stylewatch soon!