How do you know if you are ready to have your product featured on a national television program?


Just this past week the producers at The View invited us to submit products for their program that would be included in both a segment as well as an audience giveaway.  We immediately received fantastic responses from so many of you, but also several questions, which leads to this piece of advice.  Here is what you must always be able to provide should national tv come knocking:

* Website - you must have a viable and professional looking website for the producers as well as viewers to find your product and find it quickly

*  Sales - you should be able to sell online with a working and easy to use shopping cart

* Support the Buzz - Your site should be able to support heavy traffic for the first day, as well as the rest of the week that your product was on television

* Product - Not only will you be responsible for giving the audience product (they rarely use gift certificates), but  you must be prepared to deal with high volumes of sales      without delay!  Audiences range from 150-225 members, and you will most likely want to gift the producer you worked with as well ( if they can accept gifts).

* Information - If the producers call you they will want your most recent product information, photos, and perhaps even a recent press release - have those all on hand before pitching!

* Positive & Helpful Attitude - Like it or not, even though you are giving the show a lot of product, THEY are the ones you should be thanking!  Thus be easy to work with, reply quickly, and never expect something, thus you will always be pleasantly surprised!  Even if you had a great call with them, until you actually see your product on the air, don't count your chickens before they hatch!  Be amicable, quick to respond, and don't get upset if they don't use your product or service, there is a reason they make all of their decisions and we cannot fault them.  Besides, you want to be sure you are the first person to call on when they need a similar product again!

Last thought?  GET OVER OPRAH!  Send your pitch, follow up, but don't spend every waking moment waiting for Oprah 's producers to call when you could be missing out opportunities at other outlets!