How do I get my product into Star Magazine's Hot Sheet?


Oh, the Star Magazine Hot Sheet section, one of the places that can really spotlight hot products in this highly read celebrity weekly magazine.  Before I go any further though, peep THIS:  the Hot Sheet doesn't just cover products, it will also give a fabulous write up to "hot" events, contests, web apps, websites, restaurants, spas, services and more!  The "what" type of the item you're pitching them isn't as important as the checklist it needs to be able to complete before they print it.

So let's begin at a place where you've already decided that whatever it is your offering Star Magazine exists and that you have a website for it from which readers can purchase it, order your service, find directions to your establishment, etc.  What next then?  What will help your product land this coveted spot?

Celebrity Attachment: This is the #1 thing you need, and need to be able to prove.  Celeb attachment doesn't mean that you sent your product to a celebrity and thus they "have it" nor does a gift suite photo normally do the trick (this isn't authentic celebrity validation and in this gal's opinion, is a waste of time, money and product...but I digress...).  Best case scenario, you want photos of more than one celebrity in/carrying/wearing/using your product.  If you have a product that cannot be worn, you should be able to provide some other sort of proof that they are fans of the item.  Maybe they tweeted about it, wrote a testimonial, were spotted at your restaurant, did an interview about how they love your granola bars, etc.  The point here is, the whole purpose of the magazine & this specific section is to share anything and everything about the entertainment industry.  Having a wonderful product is not enough, you need to be something that celebs love.  Without some sort of proof that at least one (but preferably more than one) celebrity is using your product, you have a tough pitch ahead of you.  Even then, you have a tough pitch ahead of you ; )   Like any influential column that can really impact a brand in terms of visibility and sales, there will be competition.  They way to be most sure that you rise to the top is by having definite celebrity attachment as the Hot Sheet is all about showing what items are "hot" in Hollywood and in general.

Have a "Star Magazine" type offering: Here's what I mean by this:  you can have the world's BEST and most innovative product, you can sell the heck out of it and have the most loyal customer base in town, but a magazine will not print it if it's not the right fit for their readers.  This goes back to what we always say about pitching outlets that are a great fit for the good or service you're promoting.  Know what they cover, know who their audience is and that way you'll be useful to them as you're giving them something they need.  Otherwise you're just wasting their time and yours, and you know what they say - time is money - you don't want to be wasting either of it!

Pitch the Right Person: If you can honestly check both the above requirements off your list then you're ready to pitch.  The key is to be sure you're pitching the actual editor of the Hot Sheet and not someone at the magazine who is covering something completely different.  You can determine this by sleuthing (emailing & calling) around the magazine, or if you're a member of Tin Shingle you can pitch them directly by answering this PR Lead here in the ongoing Star Magazine Hot Sheet PR Lead


Hi Sabina, 

The link to connect with the "ongoing Star Magazine Hot Sheet PR Lead" does not seem to be working. Is there any other way to get that contact information?