How Can I Use Social Media to Get Press?


How to use social media to get press

Social media is a great, cost-effective way to promote your brand. Years ago, companies spent thousands even millions to reach consumers via direct mail, brochures, etc. Today, you are simply a post or hashtag away from connecting with thousands of potential customers!

I highly recommend companies stay dedicated to their social media activity as an important part of their ongoing marketing strategy.

Social media is a very accessible way to interact with important editors and celebrities who may become fans of your brand. The best way to do this is to create organic, authentic outreach - not through a hard sell. Rather than forcing a conversation about you or your product, join in on an ongoing conversation they may have initiated, offer feedback, retweet or share their stories, 'like' or re-pin items you find interesting. 

Showing that you are a genuine supporter of the reporter, editor or producer's news organization, TV show, movie blog, magazine, etc. is the best way to get on their radar.  It also provides you with useful information on what aspects of your brand would truly be of interest to them. Once you've shown your support via tweets, social pinning, or Facebook status updates on your business page (because those are public, vs your private Facebook page which has no public reach), start offering information about your product or service when the time presents itself.

Consider sending the editor you are wooing your product. But only if it's a great fit and if you have created a relationship with them first. If an editor is recently engaged, send a gift of your product to congratulate them, or email them about a product or service they may want to use in their wedding. When someone shows they are attuned to your interests, you're much more likely to be receptive to what information or advice they have to share!


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