How can I get FREE publicity?


We asked Alyson Dutch of Dutch & Brown for some of her thoughts on getting free press. One way Tin Shingle members can get free publicity is to check out the latest PR Leads on Tin Shingle, or reach out to the press in our Media Contact Lists. Be sure to see Alyson's Top 10 Tips for Getting Free Publicity for action items you can do now.

After 20 years in the PR business, I can tell you that getting publicity is an art, but you, as the entrepreneur, have a HUGE advantage because the press loves to hear about new things directly from the horse’s mouth. You, as the entrepreneur, are a “direct source” and considered a killer scoop for a journalist. Direct calls from inventors, designers, founders, etc. make journalists feel like they’re getting the straight dope without a publicist’s spin, and they absolutely love it. The direction connection to you creates an automatic trust and credibility that only you can provide.  So go for it with gusto!

Don’t be shy; turn on your passion. If a journalist blows you off, turn on your humbleness by telling them, “hey I’m new at this, would you mind helping me out?”  Ask for their advice on which of their colleagues might like the story you are pitching. I find that showing true human foible and practicing humbleness really works wonders and brings down walls of defensiveness --- even with the snarkiest of journalists.  Here are my top 10 tips for getting the press to sit up and take notice and actually get them to report: