The Top 10 Do's of How to Get Your Product on Celebrities


How to get your product or service on celebrities

Having a celebrity wear your product can be a brand changing experience leading to press and massive sales, but where do you even begin in terms of making that happen?  The pros at Haute House PR (who work with celebrities constantly to make this happen) have outlined their Top Ten Do’s that you can begin working on today! (The DONT's are outlined HERE.)

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Study a celebrity's style before pitching your brand to them (or to their stylist, manager, publicist or handler). You want to make sure you are an organic fit for the celebrity, and vice versa.


Be extra attentive to a celebrity's needs. If you have them attending an event, or are working with them directly, you can never ask them too many times if they need anything. They aren't always demanding, but the one time they do need you, you'd better be there for them. Overachieve.


Reach out to a celebrity's handler before sending them a package.
Random packages are never welcome, and cause unappreciated clutter. Sites like can help you find out how to get to celebrities and how to get in touch with their managers or publicists.


Encourage the celebrity's stylist to show your brand's look book to them prior to sending a gift.
A lot of the time, a celebrity (or their stylist) will be willing to select items that they'd like to wear. The chances of a celebrity wearing something that they picked it, out is about 10 times more likely to happen.


Pay attention to the track record you have of a celebrity wearing something that they gift them.
If you are always sending the same celebrity gifts, and they've never worn anything, try a different route to get the gift to them. (Try their stylist instead of their publicist, their manager instead of their personal assistant, etc).


Always pick tabloid-worthy celebrities to gift/loan items to.
Study paparazzi websites like,, etc, and online tabloid magazines like,, and blogs like,, and, etc. When targeting a celebrity, reach out only to who is newsworthy and relevant. An image of a celebrity wearing your brand is only going to benefit your client, if it's someone that the public recognizes, (and hence, that the media wants to write about).


Make the celebrity press WORK for you.
Post all the celebrity images that you garner on your website, and social media pages, with a direct link for purchasing the item. Businesses should also ALWAYS send these celebrity images to their sales teams, consumers, and current and prospective retail buyers. Everyone wants to have the item that a celebrity wore, available for purchase in their store. We've seen our client's B2C, and B2B sales skyrocket, just because Jessica Alba wears their t-shirt back from the gym one time.


Gift the person gifting the celebrity for you.
Don’t do it everytime you gift the celebrity, but it's good practice to gift them here and there. We suggest gifting their handler the first time you're reaching out to them, and also anytime a celebrity wears your brand (if gifted to them through the same handler). It's a great way to nurture the relationship, and helps ensure that you are welcome to continue to send gifts to the celebrity.


Know your contact's other clients.
A celebrity stylist usually always dresses at least a handful of other stars, and you can usually leverage one celebrity request, into a multi-celebrity request. Similarly, a celebrity's publicist or manager always manages other talent, so once you've built the relationship, these people can be a great resource for you to reach many celebrities at one time… Jackpot!


Encourage celebrities to tweet, Instagram, blog, and Facebook about your brand, if they wear something.
If they wear something and it's not credited on their social media pages, put it on your pages, and tell them how awesome they looked. Oftentimes they'll re-tweet or reply to you!


Now that you've mastered these Top 10 Do's, click here to get the Top 10 Don'ts!

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