8 Do's and Don'ts For Working With a Celeb Stylist


If you're looking to get your product or service featured in local or national press, you can go the traditional PR approach, contacting magazine editors, journalists, etc... Another way to get 'in', however is to connect with celebrity stylists and on-air personalities and introduce your product to them. You might have seen stylists and personalities like Rachel Zoe introducing their celeb clients to fantastic products that the celebs love and then incorporate into their wardrobes.

We connected with celeb stylist and on-air personality Dawn Del Russo for some tips to remember:

DON'T e-mail items that were not requested or are not a fit.

DON'T send samples without information/fact sheets (sometimes items don't get used because we can't figure out where they even came from, and get returned to sender).

DON'T ask too many times if the items was included in the segment. I do my best as a tv expert to send links and let each company know.

DO get to the point quickly in your e-mail.

DO include all info in e-mail, price, short description, where to purchase, specific name.

DO have hi-res photo's if requested.

DO be ready to overnight samples.

DO include a return address and shipping label. You will get samples back much quicker.