"Awards Season" Prep Checklist


Guess what time of year it is during December and January? One would think that's obvious, it's the holiday, it's the New Year, it's winter...But there's another season that is the root of thousands of stories across television, magazines, newspapers and blogs.  It's a season that will creep into everyone's world like it or not: it's Awards Season.  I like to consider the season "open" the moment the nominees for the different awards shows including the Golden Globes, SAG Awards, Oscars and more (you can find a full listing below). 

Whether you have seen the movies or television shows or even have the ability to recognize the nominees at this very moment doesn't matter.  Whether you have any direct connection to Hollywood doesn't matter.  Where you live doesn't matter.  What does matter is that if you want to ride the wave of Awards Season buzz and press that is going to be stirring over the next three months across the country you need to begin preparing now.

To simplify your preparation process, we've made you a checklist...

Get Familiar with the Awards Schedules

From nomination announcements to the actual dates of the different awards events, you need to be fully aware of what is going on and when it's happening.  That will allow you to prepare your blogging schedule, social media posts, and of course, pitches.  If you're hoping to get your products to a nominee (see below) you'll also want to give yourself plenty of time before the big day this calendar is also essential.  Read it, add it into your calendar, print it out - when we see things regularly we don't forget them!  For a quick list of every event check out this schedule!

Get to Know the Shows, Movies & Nominees

Whether you want to send some "Good News Granola" to congratulate them on their nomination, share expert tips related to the theme of a nominated movie or try to still haven't figured out how you're going to connect your brand to this big, all-media-platforms-encompassing topic, you need to begin by knowing who the players are.  These players will be the nominated actors, actresses, shows and movies that are vying for the awards.  Once you know who and what these things are, you'll be better able to begin connecting the dots!

If You Want to Gift or Dress a Celebrity...

You need to get to your ducks in a row now if you want to do outreach to a celebrity in order to give them some goodies (from food, to massage gift certificates to whatever you offer) OR if you want to offer your fashion/accessories for them to wear on the red carpet or any other event related to the awards.

To get moving on this, you'll want to use a database like IMDB.com to track down their publicist or "handlers" and begin making outreach.  If you need a little bit extra help making sure that process runs smoothly you can find everything from articles and tips to podcasts in this handy online study guide!

Get Your Tips & Topics Ready

Whether or not you actually make direct contact with celebrities doesn't matter in the long run, you can still work this angle into your social media, blog and PR campaign.  Just find angles related to the awards, movies or celebrities that allow you go bring a new spin to this story, share some interesting or insightful information or work your business, expertise or tips into this topic!  For some extra help attaching yourself to celebrities even if you have no direct relationship with them, check out this podcast!