6 Strategies to Lock In and Maximize an Editor Meeting via a "Press Preview"


Hosting a “press preview” is your opportunity to throw a “meet and greet” for your own business at a location or venue you select.  Whether you’re showing off your products, your service or even yourself, you want to take advantage of this opportunity to get up close and personal with media targets in a venue and event totally controlled and designed by you. No matter what type of business you have - food, authors, baby products, fashion, and more industries can hold a press preview. That said, to be sure it goes smoothly, add these pro-tested and approved strategies to your game plan! And if you want the closest thing to a private lesson about how to host a “press preview”, we’ve got a downloadable class for you to listen to right now.

Schedule your press preview appointments well ahead of time to give you plenty of time to prepare, and leave time between each individual appointment so you have enough time to get caught up with each editor one-on-one. If you simply cannot help if two appointments overlap, be sure you have back up assistance and be sure you have PR materials and sample to check out while editors are waiting to talk to you.

Class: How to Hold a Press Preview for EditorsRemind them that you’re expecting to meet with them prior to the big day.  Confirm, confirm, confirm, tweet, connect and if they have assistants confirm with them a well! Figure out the best way to get it into an editor's calendar, whether it be appointment invite, text, call, email and be sure you’re staying on top of your date.

Make sure to have buzz building tools and essentials like business cards, media kits, linesheets, lookbooks and iPads with images and so forth at the ready.  Always have more than you think you need!

Set up the preview space to look unique, inviting and aesthetically pleasing.   Also be sure you lay out the products in a way that they look good and are accessible to your visitors.  For instance if you’re a designer, have your new collections clearly distinguishable from others and put your designer information such as Instagram and Twitter handles visible.

Offer bite sized snacks and portable drinks to keep editors going – remember you’re most likely not the only press preview appointment they have that day. Also having fun, festive treat or some takeaway is another way to make yourself stand out!

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Always make sure to send thank you emails afterwards including relevant information and or/images that they were interested in.  Do this the day you met them.  You can also tweet them afterwards thanking them, to stay connected over social media.