Studio Design App: For Modern Designs and Editing on Photos or Remix Someone Else's


What Is That App That Is Putting Amazing Fonts and Circles and Squares on Photos? This Stylist Reveals What Ramped Up Her Instagram AccountI have to admit, I’m addicted to camera and photo editing apps for my phone. Photos, videos and photo editing apps take up the majority of the phone’s memory. I can’t seem to find one that has all the features that I need and often find myself using multiple for just one photo.

A little about me, I’m a web/social media girl by trade with a love for fashion and styling. I’m currently focusing on being a fashion stylist and I’m also an Independent Star Stylist with Stella&Dot. That being said, my customers love visuals of outfits I plan out for them, so I use a variety of apps while I’m on the go to put together styles and show them.

I’ve found a love for Studio Design app (it’s free for both Iphone & Andriod). Studio Design app is a super easy app that lets you create your own original design or remix someone else’s design idea using your photo (which is what makes this app different from others). This app is beautifully designed, allows you to get creative, has a community that will provide feedback and suggestions and it also lets you share your designs through your social networks.

To get started, you can start from scratch by using your own photo, or you can choose to "remix" someone else’s photo and use their layers (all you have to do is insert your own photo). It's easy I promise! Here is how it works:

If you've never used Studio Design before, go download it and open the app on your phone. Create an account at Studio Design and start designing by pressing the + sign at the bottom.

Step 1: Select a Photo
If you choose to use to create a photo design from scratch, you have 3 options:

  • choose a photo from your camera roll
  • take a photo while you are in the app
  • search for one in the Studio Design community. 

Once you select a photo, you will start applying "layers" of other design effects.

Step 2: Add Layers
So now that you’ve selected your photo, you can start to add layers. Studio Design has tons of shapes, crops and fonts to choose from. In the example below, I'm showing you a picture of a necklace that includes a circle shape, and a dash of color of which I placed copy over to make it look extra sleek.

While you are editing, just tap the panels you want to use and test them out. If you don’t like it – hit the X to delete and continue looking. Unlike with other apps, removing a design element that you added is very easy to do in Studio Design. You can adjust the size, the colors and even the placement of every layer you add.

STEP 3: Adding Text
Add text and tap the text button to edit your content. Sizing, coloring, and what order the text layer is in can all be updated just like the designs you started with.

Then there are layers, which are important in design because this lets you place things over each other, change colors, opacity, etc to make the design YOURS!

STEP 4: Hit Save!
Once you are happy with your design, you can hit FINISH and publish your image in the Studio Design community and then you’ll have the option to share on your social media channels.  You can update your profile to keep your photos private, or you could always delete your photo from you profile if you’re not happy with it.


First you’ll need to browse through the feed in your Studio Design account to see what layout you’d like to remix.

You'll see a light bulb icon near an image. You can touch the light bulb  at the bottom of the app to find the trending remixes in the community. You can also search for users/keywords/hashtags.

Once you find a design someone has created that you want to use, just tap the REMIX button. The steps to add your photo are the same as above:

  • choose a photo from your camera roll
  • take a photo, or
  • search for a photo in the community.

When remixing someone’s photo, they receive credit. Studio Design will display who the design was inspired by after you publish your image.

It’s easy and lots of fun. You can get as creative as you like, or you could let someone else be the creative one and you remix their idea with your own photo. I highly recommend you check out Studio Design for your phone – join the community and start remixing and having fun!