5 iPhone Apps for Product Photography


You may have read award-winning photographer Evi Abeler's article about how to build your own lightbox to set the stage for great lighting for product shots. Now that you have your setup, here are 5 iPhone apps that can take your pictures to the next level. In this Tip Sheet, Evi shares her favorite go-to photo apps that will have you taking professional looking shots in no time.

VSCO CamVSCOcam (free)
If you are only considering one app this is the one! VSCOCam is far better then your build in iPhone camera. My favorite feature: their separate exposure and focus points. They allow you to focus on one area of the product and play around with the exposure by dragging the exposure point to lighter or darker areas in the frame.

Aviary Photo EditorAviary (free)
Aviary is my go to iPhone photo editor. I can quickly take care of blemishes or adjust cropping. If you need a lot more power and features try Adobe's Photoshop for iPhone version, but be warned it's deep!


Over Photo AppOver (1.99)
Over let's you add beautiful typography and artwork to your photos. Such a nice way of making a flyer of your latest product and sending it out to your social media accounts, or sending a quick thank you to your special costumer!


Instagram Instagram (free)
Instagram is a fast, beautiful and fun way to share your product or behind the scene images with your costumers. Take a picture or video, tweak it and send it out to Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, etc.