What is a Latergram on Instagram and How can my Business Use it Strategically?


A "#Latergram" is a hashtag that you use when you post something on Instagram at a later time than when it actually happened.  Used with a hashtag on the Instagram application when you post a photo from a previous time period, it would read as: #Latergram

Why Using #latergram is Helpful to You as a Small Business Owner
The best photos always become available from photographers after an event, and if you're anything like me, the most "post-worthy" moments always happen when I have absolutely no time to post. For my job, if I post a fantastic event photo the next day, or even weeks later, I like to use #latergram so that it's perfectly clear to everyone that the event isn't happening that day. This can also be a great tool if say, you are on a trip with your friends and post the pictures later. You don't need everyone thinking that you are out of town on a Tuesday morning, when that photo was taken over the weekend. In short, it gives it a vague, but more accurate timeline.

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Jordan Landes-Brenman Latergram

Best Times to Use a #Latergram
Use a #latergram when posting after an event or press happening has already occurred. In the hopes of still getting traction from the event, but to keep it clear to people that the event didn't occur on that day.

Remember...an Instagram a day keeps the doctor away. Happy posting!

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