How to Host a Loop Giveaway on Instagram (Part 2)


Kelly Kepner has written a 2-part article on how to host a Loop Giveaway. Part 1 of her article is here. Part 2 of her article is below and covers how to announce, post and analyze the Loop Giveaway.

Here's an example of what the announcement would look like:

We’re excited to announce that we are participating in this #loopgiveaway with 10 fabulous brands!  Each company is a #smallbiz that is known for having #ecofriendly or #organic pieces in their collection!  If you complete the loop, you’ll have the chance to win 10 different prizes!


Here are the rules for this loop giveaway:

  • Follow all of the accounts in the loop
  • Comment below with a friends name that should enter to win too
  • Tap the photo to see where to go next
  • Remember you must follow ALL Instagram accounts in order for your entry to be valid (We’ll be checking too!)
  • Once you get back here, you’ve completed the loop!
  • Winners will be announced on (THIS DATE)

Ask that each brand confirm that the received and understood the email too.  Again, you don’t want any breaks in the loop so everyone has to post at the same time!

While you’ve tried to make sure there were no kinks, something might happen so try not to stress about it and see how you can fix any problems.  Test out the loop to make sure there are no issues.  Include key hashtags in your post like #loopgiveaway, #freebies, #giveaway, #entertowin so more people can find it.  Tease the giveaway on Twitter and Facebook and send out an email blast to your subscribers.  You can also post a reminder image to encourage people to still enter to win.  Also, think about asking people to tag one or two friends for an extra chance to win because this will help spread the word organically.    

Pick a date and time and announce your winners at the same time if possible.  Remember, each company will have their OWN winner.  Use sites like Iconosquare (formerly Statigram) or Random to select a user or random number and then count to find who that person would be.

After everything is said and done, check back in with other brands and get their feedback.  See if anyone has any tips or suggestions for making the process more seamless.  Discuss with other brands how their activity on social media increase.  Arrange another loop giveaway for the future.  I think it’s always a good idea to review the process and see if it was worth it.  If you didn’t gain that many followers, see if there are bigger brands that you can team up with. 

That just about covers what a loop giveaway is and how to host one.  Promotions like this are a great idea to do every couple of months because it keeps your site active, but I wouldn’t do them more frequently than that.  If you’re interested in loop giveaways, do your homework.  Check out past examples and maybe even reach out to other brands and ask them if it was successful for them.  Find out what works and what didn’t work and create a plan that is specific for your brand.  At the end of the day, try your best and if you didn’t get the results you were looking for, think of a new approach.  The interesting thing about social media is that it’s growing and changing each day so if this strategy didn’t work for you, the next big thing is right around the corner!

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