How Can I Repost Photos & Videos on Instagram?


Let's face it - Instagram is a beast that needs to be fed images regularly, and if you're a small business or entrepreneur, most of the time you're producing those images or even quick videos on your own phone.

Sometimes, however, you see something so inspiring, entertaining, educational or awesome from someone else's feed that you must share it! But just how do you do that? 

If you're like me you first attempted to do this DIY-style.  Folks, I'll confess right here that I thought my only option was to capture an image via my phone or computer, and then repost it manually to my own Instagram feed.  I'd be lying if i said this method wasn't tedious or time consuming. I also began to realize I was missing out.  So many other feeds were reposting things with ease, why was it taking me so long?  What could I do?

The answer, for me, became the RepostWhiz App, and I'm going to break it down here for you in five simple steps should you be ready to repost with ease! 

**Shout out to my nephew Theo for being our model for this lesson!


Install RepostWhiz app on your phone.  Look for the image below when searching for it to be sure you have the correct app.


Open your Instagram feed from within your RepostWhiz app.  When here, you can pick out an image to repost that's current and in your feed, or you can search for someone by their Instagram handle and find the image you want to share from within their feed.


Confirm you have the right image, and decide whether or not you want to keep the original image's caption (you can write something before or after it, but you may want to share what they said).  You also can decide here whether or not you want to keep the RepostWhiz logo and watermark in your photo.  If you want to remove the, you have to upgrade the app, but you're going to pay less than $3.00 for each of those options so it may be worth it to you. That said, I've seen plenty of people keep the watermark and logo.  It's really a design and personal taste call.

Once you've made your selections, you simply click "Repost to Instagram" and you'll automatically be taken there.



Choose your filters and write your caption just like you always have.


Tag anyone you'd like to tag, and decide if you'll be sharing this repost in Facebook and Twitter as well! You can always edit the caption they copied in as you'd like, and you can feel free to delete their hashtag as well - you use this just as you would use a normal Instagram post caption.

And there you have it - you're a reposting whiz, and have a new tool in your tool belt that will allow you to share content and connect with new followers on Instagram!