How Can I Make Big Spaces & Line Breaks in Instagram


Instagram has come a long way from being a platform to simply post what you ate for dinner, capture a beautiful sunset or share a selfie. It's quickly become a powerful way to talk about your business, your brand and share your message with the masses, visually.

Though pictures speak volumes on Instagram, for many businesses, the caption is nearly as important.  In it they want to relay more information about that image of graphic.  Perhaps it is some "where to shop" information that goes with the sale their image is promoting, maybe it's a mini-discussion about a message or inspirational quote they posted, or perhaps it's some information they'd like to share about a product, their business or themselves.  Times like that call for spacing and line breaks in the Instagram post so that it's easier to read.

Too many business owners rely on their poor little thumbs to make endless spaces hoping to somehow make large spaces in their Instagram captions.  Until now!  Folks there is a better and easier way and we're here to break it down:

Option #1:

Write your caption in Instagram as you would normally.  When done,  place the cursor next to the area where you'd like to insert a pagebreak.  On your keypad opt for the "return" button. On an IOS you can find that on your keypad when you're in the numerical (press the 123 button) on your keyboard.  Then tap away!


Option #2:

Write the caption you'd like, with the spacing you want, in your phone's "notes" or "notepad" tool.  This will allow you to use the good ol' return key to create as much space as you want between ideas or copy chunks, and you can also add in other symbols or emojis from this place as well. 


Option #3: 

Write the caption you'd like via your mobile phones Facebook app as if you were posting in there (you don't actually have to post here) and get the spacing and look you want, then copy, cut and paste it into Instagram.