Two Barriers to Progress You Need to Identify and Eliminate


Do you ever feel like you're working as hard as you possibly can in your business, yet you're not moving forward?  Perhaps you feel like you're stuck in a rut but there are only certain things you are able to do at this point, and the projects that could really propel you forward, well, you're just not ready for them first.  Why?  People have lots of reasons.  They include: Because they're things you don't know how to do, you're not skilled enough for them, you're a solopreneur and have no time, you won't be able to so why try in the first place, you'll try once you get yourself to XYZ space, and of's just too hard!

Enough of that.  That feeling of being stuck (or the actual circumstance of being stuck) is often due in part to behaviors we have that are barriers to our own forward progress.  The awesome thing about the behaviors that are holding us back (and again, acting as barriers to our success) is that they are not set in stone, and you can change them.  Often, the change begins once we identify them in the first place. 

Today we're going to help you spot two of these self-imposed barriers to success because when you do, you can bust through them and by doing that, you'll free your mind and your business to keep moving towards the goals and success you are working for and deserve!

There are Two Voices in Your Head, Learn to Amplify The One That Matters and Shut Out The One that Doesn't

Each of has has two voices within us that have a huge impact on our beliefs, behaviors and therefore the overall outcome of our business and lives.  One of those is often referred by many names including our inner guide, our inner wisdom, your true self.  That's the voice that tells you "you can do it" on those days you don't know if you can, it's the voice that gave your the courage and conviction to become an entrepreneur in the first place.  Crank that voice up, let her or him guide you and keep you motivated, inspired and confident. 

The other voice is the one you want to avoid.  This is the voice that is focused on fear, and tells you "I can't do this, I'm not ready, I'm not good enough, I'm not skilled enough, I don't deserve this, this is something OTHER people do."  You know this voice exists.  We all have one.  The key to your success is tuning this voice out.  Don't even begin a conversation with it in the first place, as you don't want to get dragged into that self-defeating zone.  Understand that you have it, and understand that it serves no greater purpose.  No.  Greater. Purpose.  Don't kid yourself thinking that it's protecting you.  No, when you think it's doing that it's often holding you in the purgatory otherwise known as "analysis paralysis world."  No one likes to live there, trust me.

Those voices in your head aren't unique to you, we all have them.  What separates the people who are successful and less stressed from the others is that they are aware of them, they're aware of their power and they know which voice is worth listening to!

Learn to Get Comfortable in the "Discomfort Zone"

I will be the first to admit that I'm a gal for years I was a girl who loved the comfort zone.  By this I mean that zone that you work and live in that feels good.  It feels comfortable and yes, it's a success-based zone, because you're doing what you're really good at, you're a pro at it and it's helping you maintain your biz and life status and happiness.  But here's the thing, the comfort zone can be a dangerous place.  It's often a sign that sure, we've achieved some level of success but we aren't really seeing the advancement that we want.  We feel stuck and that our big goals are just out of reach.  We can't figure out why we aren't connecting with them.  If you feel like this at the moment let me tell you why: you are stuck in the comfort zone.  You need to get into your Discomfort Zone.

In both business, relationships and life in general when we begin to venture out of our comfort zone we start feeling anxious, stressed, nervous and uncomfortable.  Things start feeling hard.  We've having to flex muscles (mental, emotional and even physical) that we haven't flexed before.  We've having to do things we aren't necessarily good at doing yet.  This is the zone you need to start getting used to being in if you want to make progress on a bigger level.  I have a favorite quote hanging in my office that reads:

"Embrace what does not come naturally, only then will you stop limiting yourself"

This is what leaving your discomfort zone requires you to do.  I often compare this behavior to diving into a nice, cold pool on a hot day.  There you are, feeling too hot and and sweaty to do anything and there the refreshing, cool pool is, beckoning you.  You want to dive in but the thought of the initial cold is preventing you from making that leap.  Finally, you realize you're just too hot and you jump in.  Sure it's cold and perhaps even uncomfortable at first, but after a minute or two your body adjusts, you begin to warm up and man do you feel awesome.  Thank goodness you literally made that leap.

Such is the case - on a much larger scale - in life.  Don't be fooled - sometimes the water is cold, sometimes the challenge will test you, or scare you a little or be more (or different) work in the beginning, but you need to do it anyways.  You need to get comfortable in that discomfort zone, because here's the thing: it gets better. You get better at whatever you're trying to learn how to do.  You get closer to all the goals you want to accomplish.  You're also left with an awesome side effect: you begin to trust yourself and become more willing to accept the next slightly uncomfortable or new challenge that pops up.

Breaking out of the pattern of avoiding doing uncomfortable things is going to remove a tremendous obstacle to your success.  Pay attention to the challenges you're avoiding, see them as opportunities and dive in...the water's warm!