How Can I Get & Stay Positive During the Work Day?


Even if you don't say it out loud we all know it's true: running your own business and trying to build buzz for it can feel like you're pushing a big rock up a hill.  On a daily basis.  Sometimes it feels like the moment you get to the top of that hill, you realize the top is only a ledge and there are miles to go before the actual pinnacle.

That said we also all know that it's imperative to keep a positive, forward-thinking attitude as you grow your business and brand.  Without it, you don't just feel bad and lack motivation, but your productivity and performance suffer. 

To help keep you on the path to positivity and results, here are some strategies you can master now, to prevent the entrepreneurial challenges from getting you down!

Do a Positive Attitude Self-Assessment. Learn from the Results.

What do you need to feel good and work well?  Do you need to work out in the morning?  Do you need to drive to your office listening to some pump-you-up tunes?  Do you need to meditate? Do you only function well when you're well rested and well fed?  Is working in chunks of 2-3 hours at a time when you feel your best?  It's your job as a business owner to figure out what behaviors and routines keep you in a positive state of mind and you need to make it your (other) business to be sure you do these things every single morning.  Don't have time for them? Make time.  Because you do not have time to work at an unhappy, unproductive snail's pace.  Honor yourself and your potential success by doing what it takes to stay positive.

Find a Partner in Positivity, Your Good Attitude "Sponsor"

A problem shared is a problem halved.  And a positive mindset shared spreads like wildfire.  Find a partner in positivity (you can call it whatever makes you happy, don't worry).  They don't even have to be an entrepreneur, they just have to be someone who, like you, needs to stay focused and optimistic as they strive towards a goal that may be difficult to reach.  Check in with your partner daily, send each other inspiring or positive messages, ideas, etc.  When you feel stuck or down, hit them up and schedule a quick chat or meet up to help each other reconnect with your passion, purpose and positive attitude.  I personally have a few of these people in my life: my sister, my mom and a friend who actually gets on FaceTime with me during our "Positivity Powwows".  We let each other talk and vent (briefly) and the we remind each other of how awesome we are.  Let's face it, creating something out of the ether and turning it into a business isn't easy, but having someone in your corner to cheer you on makes it a lot easier!

Get Moving.  Every Day.

Sometimes the deeper we fall into a "funk" the less we feel like moving.  The harder a problem feels the less likely we are to step away from our computer - we just want to keep plowing away at it.  It's essential to break through those "I'm just going to stay here until my work is done" moments (ahem, your work is hardly ever fully done...) and find time to move every day.  You will physically begin to feel better (hello endorphins) and your mind, given the chance to step away from staring at a problem or challenge, will have the freedom to find the answer you were looking for.  It's also important to realize that get moving doesn't have to mean "go to the gym" or "join a spin class".  It can mean you go for a walk around the block or do push ups in your home office.  It can mean you turn up the music and have a dance off in your kitchen.  But you must begin to move.  Especially when you're feeling your lowest, or your most frustrated.  Those are the moments your body and brain are begging you to break out of your current state and just shake it off.  Try this for a week.  Get moving every few hours, even if you're feeling awesome, but especially if you're feeling not so awesome.  Your mind, body and business will reap the rewards!

Gratitude First. Daily.

Do you know what I do before I begin every day? I write in my gratitude journal.  It's not "cheesy" it's a necessity.  We could talk all day long about things I don't think are happening fast enough, good enough, or "my way".  But I choose to begin my day by thinking about what is working for me, what is going my way and what parts of my life - personal and professional - are awesome.  When I do that my mind instantly calms down, feels better and is ready to get more awesome stuff done!