What Apps Make Working with Photos on Social Media Easier?


Using photos in social media can be a high impact strategy for your business.  Obviously you want to be sure you're posting photos of yourself, images for your profiles and finding great pics of your products and services, but some of you may want to share a photo collage or perhaps a motivational or inspiring image-based poster on Instagram of Facebook.  Often it's not a lack of ideas that is preventing you from doing this, but instead the roadblock is the "How" behind these ideas.  Until now! 

Say farewell to image-based creating roadblocks thanks to these three Apps that you'll want to keep on your smartphone or computer to use whenever inspiration strikes!


PicMonkey - Add text to images, make fun or inspiring image-based posters, edit images like a Photoshop pro (without having to actually learn Photoshop) and more with this amazing App.  They offer endless Fonts, editing tools, photo-creating ideas and strategies and more.  The best part?  Iti's so easy you'll become a PicMonkey addict and before you know it you'll be filling your social streams with well-branded, share-worthy pics and posters!



InstaSize - There's nothing worse (in times of social media photo posting that is) than when you have an amazing photo you can't wait to share on Instagram but it doesn't fit into the small, square box that is required.  If you find yourself in this situation from time to time it's time you meet InstaSize, an App that allows you to post entire photos without cropping or taking away the integrity of the photo.  It also works smoothly and is very intuitive, and will even post your photo directly to your feeds once it is sized correctly.


Fotor - I love a good photo collage.  Whether I want to show several products or people at once for a media pitch or share more than one image at once on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, I think they're a must-have tool in your photo creation tool belt.  But how does one create a collage without losing hours of time cropping, re-sizing and trying to figure out how to get them all into one image in the first place?  Why Fotor of course!  This (free!) App is a must.  I open it up on my laptop or phone at least once a day and use it to do most of the multi-image photos that I then embed in pitches, post to social feeds and heck I even use it to create fun photos to share with family and friends.  Fotor also provides users with editing tools to add text, add special effects and more!