Ways to Turn Web Copy from Dull to Dazzling


Here's a business truth for you: if your web copy isn't clear, engaging and readable, your chances of hooking a potential customer, member of the press or blog reader diminishes dramatically.  And as people find themselves inunudated with more and more online information these days, the need for powerful web copy has more necessary.  Is it time you give yours a facelift, and take it from dull to dazzling?  Here are a few ways to make that happen...

Hook your reader from the first sentence, and keep as much of the copy that follows short, simple and sexy. 

Your goal with the very first sentence of any section of your website is to keep the reader on the page and convince them to keep reading more.  Each following sentence has the same task: keep them interested, keep them moving along to the next sentence.  How do you do this while still delivering your message?  Here's a tips from Leonardo Da Vinci, ”Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication."  Simplify by cutting back on wordiness, eliminating long sentences that slow your reader down as well as using short paragraphs and sentences.

Use Bullets & Bold Headings

These two things are like magic tools in your copywriting tool belt.  They help break up copy into chunks and allow the reader to the information they are looking for (or that you want them to find) quickly and easily.  Remember: most people who are on your website are scanning it in a hurry, they’re probably also balancing that act with reading their social media feeds, and possibly distracted by other thoughts or conversation.  They’re inundated with information and “noise” all day long and using bullets along with bold headings throughout your copy gives their eyes a break, making your copy easier on their brain and simpler to read and navigate.  That's the type of experience they - and you want - from your website.

Use  Words & Phrases that Engage Your Reader

It may seem like a no-brainer to have someone tell you, "Create interesting copy that people will enjoy reading", yet most of us are met with boring, dull copy on a regular basis.  It all blends together, which is not what you want to do - you want to stand out from the pack!   You can do this by including phrases and words in your copy like:

You - Keeping it personal, make  them feel like you are talking directly to them).  Remember that your reader isn’t concerned with you, that’s not why they’re on your site. They're visiting because they want to get something out of it for them. Use the word “you” when possible to assure them know you are there for them as well.]

Let me explain why…This is phrase keeps people reading, it keeps them flowing to the next thought or sentence in your copy.  You're going to reveal why something is happening to them, you're going to give them an answer or fact they may now know yet, and they're going to keep on reading to hear that explanation.

Questions that they will answer “yes” to…The more they feel like they’re answering yes to your questions the more they’ll feel like you’re talking to them. This also helps them trust you more and lowers their defenses and reasons not to be on “your side”. They start to connect, because you “get” them.

Imagine - Let them imagine the life they desire, that they will get by using your product or service.  Paint the picture of the things that they imagine, show them you know what they want, and can describe how much better their life would be thanks to your business.

Don’t hide what they are hunting for, they’re on your site for a reason don’t bury that reason.

Business owners often make the mistake of hiding or burying the "good stuff" - the reason people are at their website - beyond layers of copy.  While they think they're tantalizing their readers, they're often making it harder for these same readers to find what they're looking for and follow the necessary steps they need to make to purchase or engage with the brand.  That's not your job.  Your job is to give them the important information that they want first, or at the very least tell them where they can get it.  As legendary salesman Zig Ziglar says, "You can have everything you want in life if you will help enough people get what they want."