How to Write an "About Us" for Your Website That People Will Want to Read


Realize At the End of the Day It’s Actually Not About You

People are less interested in who you are and what your company does, and are much more interested in what you and your company can do for THEM. Show them what you will do for them in your About Us by making sure you highlight not just your features, but your benefits.  Paint the picture of how you will make their life easier, happier, better.

Avoid wordiness and sentence bloat.  

Stop writing your About Us as if you’re composing a book or autobiography.  You are not writing for your mother or husband or wife or friends who want to read paragraphs about you (and let’s be honest, those people don’t want to either), so get to your story (and then as per #1, what you can do for them) quickly.  Your about you isn’t supposed to be self-indulgent, it’s supposed to quickly let someone know who you are, what sets you apart, what you are going to do for them and if you write it correctly, it will build trust.  The trust you need to get people to buy what your selling

Is Your Use of Superlatives Working Against You?

Listen, we all want to find the words to convey that our businesses are the best choices for our readers and potential customers.  That said, overusing superlatives and calling yourself the best, quickest, easiest, newest and so forth may have the opposite impact.  Firstly, those words aren’t as original as you may feel, and are broad statements that aren’t saying anything specific about your business and why someone should work with it.  Secondly, do you think your website visitors believe you?  Especially when so many other companies are using similar phrases?  

Instead of falling back on these overused words to describe what you do here are a couple of ways you can convey the same sentiment but come off in a more engaging and trustworthy way:

  • Don’t just say you’re the best, show how you are with case studies, examples or descriptions of results you’ve delivered
  • Let your customers and clients explain why you are the best or most wonderful and best.  When it comes from them it’s exponentially more convincing.