Tips for More Assertive Communications


When you're communicating in a business setting, you've got to make it count! Here Colette Ellis share three tips to help you communicate more assertively in your business interactions.


Decide on your primary purpose for communicating and your desired outcome 

  • Choose the best words that align with your message (i.e., minimize fluff and filler words), and select the best time to share it with the other person (i.e., when s/he is most likely to be receptive).


Don’t apologize for expressing your needs or goals

  • Your apology will only detract attention from your primary message and create an uneven balance of power in your interaction. 

Speak up while your idea or need is current

  • Most people can hardly recall what they had for lunch yesterday, let alone what they did or said they would do last month or even last week! Holding on to your concerns is also another way we create additional stress for ourselves. Speak up and let go!