How Can I Start a Wikipedia Page for My Brand?


How Can I Start a Wikipedia Page for my BrandWikipedia is a web-based, user-generated, free content encyclopedia project.  It is an ongoing resource to which anyone can contribute. Wikipedia is written in a unique HMTL-like code. But do not fret! It’s a lot more straightforward than HTML.

Below are the steps you should consider when creating/editing a Wikipedia page, but first, a word of advice. If you are considering creating/editing a page for a company or individual with any sort of dubious past, whether true or not, I would proceed with caution! Wikipedia is a source based on citations and references from around the web. Your opinion doesn’t matter (said in the nicest way possible.)

1. Create a username: Nothing revolutionary here – just understand that all edits made on Wikipedia will be associated with that username. The more edits you make the more authoritative you are considered within the Wikipedia community.

2. Editing Existing Pages (If you are creating a new page go to 3): If you are editing an existing page it is important to understand the history of your page - click on the “View History” tab on the top right of the article page and you will see a chronological edit history of you page.

3. Creating a New Page: Draft the content for your Wikipedia page with the following considerations:

  • Review the format and categories of several competitor pages. This will help frame the type of content you should create for your page.
  • Try to be as neutral as possible. Wikipedia isn't a place for opinions, generalizations or self-promotion. Stay away from descriptive words, especially positive adjectives that are unfounded.
  • Content such as accolades, awards or accomplishments should only be included if there are sufficient references.
  • Try to include as many external, reputable references (links) as possible. Citations are the key to getting your page approved. The more external links you have to backup your content the more likely your page/edits will be approved. Understand that a link to an NY Times article holds more value than a link to a random blog post.

4. Awaiting Approval: Once you have submitted the page for approval it is a waiting game. I have seen edits take days or weeks to get reviewed. Do not freak out if your page/edits do not get approved. Editors are typically clear in their explanation.

5. Making Edits: Assuming the editors request are within your means you will need to follow these steps

  • Make the revisions and/or additions that the Wikipedia has requested.
  • Update the Wikipedia editor on these revisions and/or additions via the editor’s Talk page. Here I recommend being overly friendly and descriptive. You don’t want to risk upsetting the person that defines your Wikipedia page’s fate!
  • This process could take a few rounds of revisions, so stay patient and do your best to satisfy the requirements of the editor.

    Taking these steps should (I use that term with a pinch of salt) get your page/edits approved.

       Good luck!