Giving of Yourself in Social Media Streams Gives Back to You


Yes, make that time to indulge in others via social!

Have you ever ever had one of those moments when you consider sitting down with a cup of coffee and making some dedicated time to dive into conversations on social media platform's like Twitter and Instagram only to think, "No, I don't have time for that, I have to do 'real work'!"  Or perhaps when you do dip in you are distracted, doing other things or not really letting yourself take the time to discover, connect with and really get to know the feeds you follow and the people behind them? Social media can sometimes feel like a luxury, and giving of ourselves and our time to it can feel like an impossibility, but here's the truth: as "real life users" of social media, we see the power of that investment of time and brainpower on a regular basis.  Today Katie and Sabina are sharing some of their own personal how's and why's in terms of social media relationship building and why taking the time to enjoy it and dive in can pay off for your biz in the short and long term!

Take the Time to Enjoy the "Social" Part of Social Media

Sometimes it feels like everything we do as a biz owner has to have an immediate ROI or pay-off.  "If I do X, then Y will happen." When this way of thinking seeps into our social media posting, it can take us away from what social media is at its core - it's social, and sometimes it makes us feel like making and taking the time to "get social" isn't worth it. Time to remove that way of thinking from your head: it is worth it. That said, you should do it without an expectation for any big "payout" in return. That means you can comment, or tweet, or respond to people's post (colleagues, people in your industry, the media) without expecting anything in return.  Do it for the sake of being social. This not only takes the pressure off of you as you post, but when those authentic comments and replies do begin to form the foundation of a relationship, it's an unexpected bonus. -  Sabina (@sabinaknows)

(Authentic) Flattery Gets You Everywhere

One of my favorite ways to "invest time" on Twitter and Instagram is to compliment reporters, editors, bloggers and other online influencers when I like something they wrote.  Super simple acts of socially distributed gratitude that is simply good "PR manners" and the awesome side effect is often a online conversation at the minimum, and a beginning of a relationship with said member of the press in other instances.  Here's the trick: there are no tricks.  There are no strategies. This is simply about taking the time to tell someone you liked what they had to say and sharing this with them on a public platform - normally their Twitter or Instagram. It's a great "opener" if you're new to their feeds and it's also an awesome way to give someone a shout out who rarely (you'd be surprised how rarely!) gets a "thanks" or "good job".  PS - This should also go without saying but only give a shout out to them about something they wrote or posted if you actually like it.  Insincere flattery isn't good in real, face-to-face life and it isn't on social media either! -  Sabina (@sabinaknows)

Tap Into Instagram at Night When Daily Pressures Are Off

Your Reward is in Good Ideas and Networking

Many of your professional peeps these days are most likely not in your small town. They are in another small town hundreds of miles away, or even in a different country. An easy way to speak to them is in those digital comments on posts they create on Instagram and Twitter. It not only reaches out and "touches" them to keep you in touch, but it lets them know you appreciated their contribution to the world. When people post something to social media, it's a little piece of art they have created, and your participation in that art lets them know you saw it, and that it inspired you. I've been fitting this into my day by tapping in at night, right when I settle into cozy bed, but before I disconnect from technology to read my book. - Katie (@katiejamespixelated)

A Sudden "Hey You're Awesome...Can I Pitch You!" Is Awkward

In our weekly webinars called #TuneUps, we talk a lot about the importance of building relationships with the press - with reporters, producers, editors and writers - by using social media. That if you can't find an email on a website, to reach out via Twitter. But to come out of left field and do that will probably get you silence since the person doesn't know who you are. In our interview with Jordan Landes-Brenman in a #TuneUp, she agreed that making time in one's day for regular socializing with the media is worth your time. This way, when you're ready to pull the trigger, you'll have a warm relationship, and not a one-sided one.