How to Pitch Holiday Magazine Issues: 8 Tips You Can Use


Landing press in a magazine can be business changers; bringing new customers and attention to your company, and creating bigger numbers in sales and followers.  In order to attain this success, much planning and preparation of your pitch is necessary well before the magazine issues.  Sabina Ptacin shares some tips on how to pitch your products or services, and tips (based or you expertise) now, to land it them in magazine's holiday issues.

Do not think that the holiday season is only for product entrepreneurs! 

Experts and service providers should be thinking of topics to share and tips they can provide magazines with that readers will enjoy and find useful.

Remember for each outlet you are addressing their magazine's readers

Not other competitor's readers, not your favorite type of customer; it's all about them.  That means your product suggestions for gifts or tips should be geared toward the audience and readers of the particular magazine.  If possible, create a couple pitches with different spins to use when suitable: mom magazine pitch, health magazine pitch, manly magazine pitch, fashion/lifestyle magazine pitch, etc.

Before blindly spamming out your pitch to every magazine, do your research. 

If you're a Tin Shingle member search for Holiday Gift Guide magazine editors in our media contact lists, we've done the work for you.  If you aren't a member (join!) get your phone out, or begin emailing the magazines, and simply ask who the magazine's media contact is.  Don't pitch until you've first tried to find the best contact.  Start with an editorial assistant if you need to ask someone at the magazine for scoop!

Always write out your pitches on word documents first! 

This will help you save time by copying and pasting main points of your pitch (of course after personalizing it) into your emails.  This will also save time for you in a few months time when you're pitching short lead holiday stories (to blogs, websites, weekly magazines, newspapers and TV) because you'll already have a base pitch to work from!


If you cannot embed imges try to link to a Pinterest board full of the images organized by theme.  If you link to the images from your pitch be clear on what you are linking to.

Do not dilly dally!

If the magazine asks for a sample, product, or tips from you get it to them immediately.  You should have it all prepared before you begin to pitch!

Pick up the phone and call the magazine!

Can't figure out who the HGG editor is?  Not sure who the best person to pitch is?  Call over to the magazine (most numbers you can find online) and ask a simple and direct question about what you're looking for, you will probably get a simple and direct answer.  Then move your pitching to email.  This will not only help you get the information you need but it will also help you cultivate a relationship with whoever you chatted with!

Want more information on everything from what a holiday pitch should look like to how to follow up?  

Listen to our recorded audio class that answers more of your holiday magazine pitching questions now! 

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