Business Success Secrets from Alli Webb, founder Drybar


Alli Webb at Blowdry Bar

Blowdry maven and mom of two kids started Drybar before it was the Drybar. As a stay-at-home mom, Alli had a mobile styling business for her "mommy friends" where she went to the homes of other stay-at-home moms to give them an amazing blowout. According to an interview in New York Magazine, when she couldn't keep up with her high volume of appointments, and when her friends were super bummed about not getting their hair tamed, a lightbulb went off for Alli, and the concept for Drybar was born. Thirty locations across the country and 100,000 blowouts a month later, Alli shares with Tin Shingle her secrets to success:

Put Clients First. I know this a cliche but it's a lot easier to say then actually do. At Drybar we always put ourselves in our clients shoes, look at things from their perspective and obsess about providing the absolute best experience possible.

Brand Matters. We spend a tremendous amount of time making sure that everything we do is on brand. And that goes beyond marketing collateral and website.

Chambray Tens! This one is a little obscure, but while growing up our parents owned a chain of clothing stores and it became a family affair to help set up the night before a grand opening. One night my cousin Brooke started completely flipping out because we weren't going to have a popular pant in the color chambray (popular at the time) in size 10. My mother had to practically grab and shake her to calm her down, telling her we would be ok. It has become a mantra in our family about keeping things in perspective!

Don't Let Perfect Get in the Way of Progress. So many people and organizations get paralyzed by trying to get things absolutely perfect before launching or putting something out there. We try hard not to.

Be Humble. One of our core values at Drybar is that nothing is sexier than honesty and humility. Above all I believe in the importance of remaining humble and grounded and to treat everyone equally and with respect.