How to Write Your Book


As experts in our field, we've all thought about writing a book at one time or another - but writing a book is more than just having a great idea! You've really got to sit down and dedicate the time to writing it. We asked Adelaide Lancaster, co-founder of In Good Company and co-author of The Big Enough Company for some tips on how to actually get your idea down on paper. So if your #earlyresolution happens to be starting - or finishing - your book this year, check out Adelaide's recommendations below.

Create a writing sanctuary each and everytime you write. Carve out a few hours and eliminate distractions. I found white noise or even the dishwasher to be really helpful tools for getting in the writing “zone.”

Make a writing schedule. Either commit to a certain number of words per day or if your book is less narrative, schedule which sections you are going to write about when. I was always behind but having it all mapped out gave me sense of progress as I inched along. It also prevented me from feeling too overwhelmed or panicky that it wouldn’t get done in time.

Make sure you have a good editing and reflection routine. Get out of your normal space and find somewhere quiet like a library. Personally, I loved the train for this. I also found it helpful to print out the sections I was editing. I found the editing really energizing and productive when I had had a little break and distance from the writing. You have to be able to read your words with fresh eyes in order to improve them!