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Quote: "Honesty, Like Sanity, Is The Best Policy"

Chelsea Berler is a dear business friend from afar. We met - I don't even know when or how - but her loyalty and upbeat vision of business creation and growth are one of my favorite traits about her. When Chelsea reached out to me to let me know she was compiling a book of inspiring quotes to challenge people to move forward positively one week at a time, I was honored that she let me know about it, and that she'd asked me to contribute to her book, "You're Not Alone; 52 Ways To Inspire Change One Week at a Time".

Co-Founder Sabina Featured in American Airlines Magazine: Catch Her Creativity Boosting Tips Here!

Want more creativity in your life? Well then you're in luck!  This month our very own co-founder Sabina Hitchen was featured in American Airline's inflight magazine American Way sharing her tips on how to get more creative (and we've included her two favorite tips for you to read right here, below). This is awesome on two levels:


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