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Pay to Play in Publicity: Tin Shingle Co-Founders Give Their Sides of the Story

Common knowledge in the publicity industry is the pay-to-play model, where people on TV who are showing his or her recommendations, may or may not have charged a fee to that brand they are featuring in order to show them that day, or in that print story. Same thing could happen at a blog, website or magazine. Entrepreneurs and business owners who are new to the world of publicity are usually surprised when responded to with a fee request, and are either happy to pay it, or decide that route is not a fit for them.

#TBT To That Time When Peggy Li and Katie Met for the First Time in Person

Peggy Li, founder of Peggy Li Creations, has been a digital buddy of mine for a long time. I first discovered her at the The Switchboards, a platform for creatives who loved sharing resources, advice and encouragement. I "met" several of my current creative friends at those boards, actually. Peggy was always the first one who knew of great technical tools that were available online.

Cyber Monday Sale on Power Calls With Sabina and Katie!

psssst: this sale is over, the chance to book a Power Call is not...

It's time to lock in your PR, Social Media, and Buzz-Building Strategies for the new year during private power sessions with Tin Shingle's co-founders Sabina and Katie! Book their brains on your business for some serious strategy and power plays that you are going to roll out in the new year. Because next year is going to ROCK for your business!

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Giving Thanks and Feeding Neighbors All Year Long

Wednesday of Thanksgiving Week is finally here! The day to unplug and pack in many errands to get ready for cooking, traveling, or gathering. Marketing messages during this time have increased and the intensity of sales strategies gotten sharper (did you spring for any early sales?). Tin Shingle is part of this digital liberation for businesses who are creating amazing graphics for email marketing in that we teach how to do this, but we are pausing today to focus on the person standing next to you - in your local world.

Can We Refer You? Businesses In Demand In Tin Shingle's Business Directory

More and more, people are emailing Tin Shingle asking for our recommendations of businesses to hire, as well as great ideas for gift ideas or products to improve someone's life. Our answer is always the same:

"Go to Tin Shingle's Business Directory!"

The media comes to us asking: "Do you know who does XYZ or makes ABC?" And our answer is always the same:

Tin Shingle On The Go! Mobile-Friendly Tap Navigation To Reach Your PR, Training & Community Centers

Staying connected to Tin Shingle while on the go is important to you. We know! We made improvements to the mobile version of the website and of your Member Center so that you can access your favorite tools with the tap of a finger. Here is what Tin Shingle's easy mobile navigation looks like from your phone:


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