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Now Serving: Editorial Calendars to DIY PR Diggers

Back by popular demand, Editorial Calendars are now in your PR Center with your subscription membership to Tin Shingle! We have offered Editorial Calendars for years, yet took a hiatus as we re-systemized how we gathered them for you. There are quite a few publications in the the PR Center now, and more are being added weekly!

Late Night SEO Tinkering - Watch How Katie Makes a Simple Copy Change for Big Results

I do my best SEO data analysis at night.

Or maybe I just think I do because there is no one around to argue with me or cross-examine my theory. :)

It is because of the night, when everyone is off-duty and no one expects an email back, that I can sit in the Google Analytics of some website - my own or clients - and watch what the traffic is doing.

Welcome to These New Members of Tin Shingle! February Week 3

A big welcome to these new members of Tin Shingle! Sometimes we know folks who join Tin Shingle and we know what their goals, and sometimes we do not! Everyone's buzz-building story is different and uses Tin Shingle in unique ways. Our favorite part is watching the growth that involved members' experience as they work it to empower themselves and grow their brand!

Tin Shingle's Valentine's Day Shopping Guide - Members Fill It Up!

Being a member of Tin Shingle has its editorial perks - like adding your product or service to Tin Shingle's Valentine's Day Shopping Guide! In addition to that Shopping Guide that our readers can browse through at any time, we will be pulling together some of the best gifts into ideas for different loved ones on your list! Add your gifts by this Friday, as that is when Tin Shingle's Valentine's Day article goes live!

New PR Lead Added from Trae Bodge for Beauty, Sleep, Organization

Members of Tin Shingle have a few new PR Leads to dig into and write pitches for in several areas of what is hot right now in "short-lead" media. Trae Bodge, a well known editor, writer and consumer expert is working on several stories, details and deadlines of which are in the PR Center that members can access immediately.

New Template! Blog Planning and Production Calendar Ready for Download

Tin Shingle has released its 2016 Blog Planning and Production Calendar template, with over 250 ideas to help you come up with blog posts that highlight your business. The secret to creating an enticing blog - one that helps new customers find your business and makes what you sell irresistible - is planning ahead and sticking to the plan.

LIFETIME BONUS: When you get this template, you get the next year's for free!

New! Forum Signature & Profile Update Button in Personal Profiles on Tin Shingle

Many members of Tin Shingle have requested the ability to edit your Signature in the private member Forum as an easy way to show who you are and where to find information about your business. This can be done! Here's how:


Click on DASHBOARD in the very top navigation of the website.

Click on the box for Edit Your Personal Profile.

Video Clip and Fave Quote from Periscope Files: Sabina's PR Tip on "PR Starts at Home"

Lately, co-founder Sabina Hitchen has been hosting a new Periscope series called "Live at 5: PR Tip of the Day" in which she shares one PR idea or tip with you. As with any delivery from Sabina, you're getting more than one tip and idea, and you're always getting a serious dose of motivataion. It's like going to the gym for your brain but you didn't need to leave the computer. You will come away with ideas and confidence and you will be hooked - it's how I have been her business partner for so long!

And We're Back! What We Did While On Break

Helllllo Everyone!

TruthBomb here - this post includes the words "what we did while on break", but the truth is - we, like many of you, took a break! We did not work, we played with our families, we cooked, we saw a bunch of movies in the theater (yes, that includes Star Wars, Daddy's Home, Alvin and the Chipmunks Road Chip...and that's just from my end of the spectrum which only includes kid-friendly movies).

But now that's it's Monday - the first Monday of the New Year - we have something for you!


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