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Tin Shingle Member Update for the Week of July 25, 2016

If you aren't yet a member of Tin Shingle, read below for what Tin Shinglers were emailed on Monday. Members of Tin Shingle are emailed every Monday with a special message, suggestion, or tip on how to get the most out of their membership. Here's what they got today in their inboxes!
Hello to our Tin Shingler's!

PR Challenge Group Meets Today - New Columns, New Pitches, So Much!

Hello Everyone,

It's been Two Tuesdays since the last PR Challenge Group Meeting, which means that we get to meet today! The PR Challenge is an Accountability Group Meeting, which means that if you aspire to pitch some big press, or make a social media score, this is where you are declaring it, and delivering on it!

Tin Shingle's PR Challenge Meets Today: Today We Look at Editorial Calendars

Hope you had a wonderful long holiday weekend! Today is a double dose of back to work, because it's the 2nd Tuesday since our PR Challenge Group met. At 12:30pmEST, members who signed up for the PR Challenge accountability group will meet face to face to discuss what outreach they did in the past two weeks, and get a new homework assignment. Details for how to get on the call are in a thread created for this group in the Community Boards under PR Challenge.

Highlights from Group PR Challenge Going on Session Three

Tin Shingle's first PR Group Challenge has been a success so far. With 9 dedicated attendees calling in every other week, and actually turning on their video cameras when possible, we are meeting face to face to coach each other on in the quest for press. We have completed two rounds of weeks: Type A where we discuss Short Lead story ideas, and Type B where we talk about long lead story ideas. I'll recap it here to give you a glimpse into what it is like:

The Group PR Challenge attendees are varied, and include:

Tin Shingle Moves Into an Office - On Main Street! In the Trenches with Local Businesses

Back in January, while ruminating on 2016 Resolutions, I let myself say out loud that it was maybe time to take an office. Tin Shingle has been run from the home offices of myself and my former business partner, Sabina Hitchen for 8 years. I personally have been in business for 11 years running InHouse Design Media, and now A Little Beacon Blog as well.

Easy Media Contact Filter Tool - Video Tutorial

As you are searching through the Media Contacts, researching and plotting for who you will reach out to next, we wanted to be sure you knew how to use the easy filter tool when narrowing down your search.

If you were looking for a specific outlet, say, the Steve Harvey Show, you could go to the Outlet Name field, pull it down and scroll. Or, you could start typing in Steve, and the outlet will display for you! You click on it, and run your filter. Below is a short video that walks you through this.

Special Opportunity with Momtrends for Tin Shingle Members

Momtrends founder, Nicole Feliciano, is publishing a book called #MomBoss, which is a book for women who are ready to take a break from the strictures of corporate life to create a career that works with family. It is a great concept, will be a relief and a helpful guide to read for those of us already in the throws of being a #MomBoss, and looks like it is off to a great start with implementable ideas, all made pretty from Post-Its around their WeWork office.

Starting Tuesday - Tin Shingle's 1st Group PR Challenge!

This week marks the first in a new extension for Tin Shingle - meeting in groups in person via video conferencing in our first Group PR Challenge. Members of Tin Shingle are located all over the US, and some in other countries. The value of speaking to like-minded people about work you are passionate about is unmatched when meeting in person. There is still time for you to join this Group PR Challenge that meets every other Tuesday starting tomorrow, May 24th, 2016.

NEW: Community Boards Get New Boards For Members Including Press Release Workshop and Introductions

Tin Shingle's Community Boards are the focus of a few breaths of fresh air and makeovers this week, from the production team of Tin Shingle. Design changes have descended upon the dedicated newsletter that members get, announcing new conversations and updates to existing ones, as well as restructures to the boards themselves. Members now have four major types of Boards to communicate in:


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