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Day In The Life Of: PR Expert Kelly Kepner of Kelly Kepner PR

Fascinating is the day in the life of a buzz-building expert in their field. Kelly Kepner of Kelly Kepner Public Relations is one such person, who casually mentions things like "I am still getting requests for Holiday Gift Guides!" because that is normal in her day. Before you hear Kelly live in Tin Shingle's next Training TuneUp this week, we asked her to give you a glimpse of her day. Because what's going on in her day could also be going on in yours if you followed the advice she's going to give you this Wednesday.

Member Update: Instagram Hashtag Sheet for Members Only!

Hello Everyone,

Below is a copy of the email that Members of Tin Shingle get every Monday. It's usually a tip of what to do this week in Tin Shingle. This week we released our Instagram Hashtag Cheat Sheet, which is a collection of hashtags from many industries, including food, fashion, photography, hair, sports, weather!, and more. We are also collecting a few more hashtags to reach the media. To become a member of Tin Shingle, click here to see how it will help you get the word out about your business!

Money Monday: Doing the AT&T Happy Dance for Change in Data Overage Pricing

Around here, Mondays are loved, they are something to look forward to because we are entrepreneurs and make our own rules, and want to see if the game we set up is working. Are we winning? Winning in this case can be measured by making payroll, paying mortgage or rent and other personal bills with your profits, creating new revenue streams by designing products that work, and of course, improving the world because usually entrepreneurs set out to solve problems.

Friends Don't Let Friends Work Without a To Do List

Friends Don't Let Friends Work Without a To Do List.

This is mainly a mantra for myself, because as I get too busy, I go off-script and assume that I remember all of the important things that need to get done and in what order. But guess what? Too much for the brain.

Don't rely on your brain. Write down what you need to get done in the next hour or four hours. You can do this! Makes for a successful week that you set up on Monday.

Monday, Let's Do This! What's Your Goal/Hope This Week? 8/15/16

Special to entrepreneurs and makers is the hope that we feel on a Monday - the start of a new week and a new crack at making ideas happen. What are you doing this week? What is your goal/hope for this week? Let us know in the comments below, or share on our Facebook or Instagram post.

Next TuneUp: Email Marketing Tips That Make it Work

Hot off the heels of my live mini-TuneUp to a group of women in business, I've devoted this week’s TuneUp to a continuation of that presentation to dig in deep to face and bust through your fears about sending an email to your newsletter list. After listening to this TuneUp, you'll be pressing SEND on a dynamite looking newsletter that not only looks great, but encourages and trains your customers in what and how to buy from you.

Recap of July 19th's PR Challenge Group - A Peek Into What Tin Shinglers Talk About

The PR Challenge Group Meeting calls always bring something new to the table. New contributions from Tin Shinglers to each other. New tools. New ideas. New accomplishments! We have started recapping these digital group meetings as a place of reference for what tool or tip was shared. The full recap is in the private Community Boards that you can only access if you are a Community Member of Tin Shingle.


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