Once I Have My Product Ready When Can I Start Contacting Celebrities/Bloggers to Send Them Pieces of My Line?


It's Never Too Soon to Start Gifting Celebrities

The reason being is that you stand a better chance of getting more online sales, getting in a magazine, store buyers take you more seriously and bloggers will be more interested in doing a review.  When a celebrity is seen in your clothing, wearing your handbag or jewelry, it builds your credibility quickly.  

And this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Use Your Website and Social Media Accounts to Your Advantage

You can take things a step further and post a photo of the celebrity on your home page as well as the sales page for the product too.  Offer discounts on the product that you gifted to the celebrity encouraging online shoppers to buy it.  They want to be as cool as the celebrity they admire - show them you care.

Be sure to post your good news on social media. Start a Pinterest board with all your celebrity fans.

Don't Let Fear of Rejection Slow You Down

When I first started trying to get my products to celebrities, contacting the gatekeepers was the scariest part. I didn’t know what to say, how to say it or where to start. The truth is that I was worried they’d be mean to me. After all, their jobs are to protect superstars. Who the heck was I to think celebrities would want to be associated with my “not so famous” bags when Hermes or Gucci were probably throwing bags at them too? I often talked to my computer before hitting “send,” asking the gatekeeper to be kind me. I know it sounds silly, but it gave me the courage to go through with it.

Even though I was scared of rejection while going through this process, I had to push through. On the other side of my fear was thousands of dollars. I knew to get more sales and get my bags into bigger and better stores, I had to make this work. Let me tell you, it wasn’t always pretty. I made every mistake in the book. I fumbled on follow up calls, I wrote to people too often, I let some opportunities fall through the cracks, but through trial and error I crafted a system that worked consistently.

Over the years I sharpened this system to a fine edge and it has helped land over 70 celebrities for both myself and even more for my private coaching clients.

Study Harder

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