The Amount of Hats You Wear as an Entrepreneur Would Make an Accessories Editor Jealous



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All #SmallBizDiary Entries by Sabina Hitchen
The views of this member do not reflect those of Tin Shingle.

Hi! It's Sabina, on my Maiden Small Biz Diary Entry Voyage!

As we "speak" I'm live on a Goto Meeting call with Katie, my amazing partner and co-founder at Tin Shingle as we work out some last minute details for the new Diaries of a Small Business Owner series.  We're talking coding, visuals, content uploads...enough to make a five-years-ago version of myself cringe.  These days it just makes me excited!  Sometimes I forget to anchor into all the amazing things I get to learn and experience as an entrepreneur.  At the same time, sometimes it does make me cringe...

In the past month, depending on who I've been working with, I've played the role of salesperson, therapist, postal service employee, messenger service, cheerleader, negotiator, researcher, on-air expert, behind-the-scenes strategist and oh so many more.  If you run your own business you know what I'm talking about.

These days at Tin Shingle, as we prepare to unveil several amazing new experiences, resources and tools for our members as well as our readers, I've been wearing a lot of computer-related hats I never thought I'd even have in my virtual hat closet.  Though at times I want to throw something (I won't lie) when a server fails or a website concept doesn't work as easily as we'd hope, I also get to squeal for joy every day shen a new page is revealed, a new Podcast goes live or I see members using the website we created with them and their business in mind.

Couple that with the knowledge that Katie and I have been able to get in, get our hands dirty and be part of that process, the creation and "birthing" part of the business?  Well it just makes all that hat wearing worth it.

Off to upload some content into the blog - get ready for some fun Snaggeds!

Talk to you soon!