12 Days of Buzz Building Ideas for Your Holiday Break (or Anytime) PART ONE


Listen.  We know the holidays are crazy busy and that can be compounded when you're an entrepreneur.  That said we all have to own that if we want to catapult or businesses into a new level of buzz building, and land some major press opportunities and awesome media relationships, we may not want to step 100% away from our businesses for the next few weeks.  That's why we're releasing 12 Days of Buzz Building Ideas that any business can take action on - one do-able idea per day - to get you moving directly into the direction of big buzz in 2015.

Even better?  Let's say you do intend to take the next few weeks off - high fives you - you can begin this list when you return.  You work for yourself, you make your own rules!  You also make time for strategies that will help you become a more successful biz owner and that is exactly what we have for you!

Here's how it works:  We'll release the ideas in three sets of tips.  Each tip represents a task for you to do (some are ongoing) during the 12 Days of Buzz Building. Do them one at a time, and enjoy the process.  The success will follow.

Find your first four tips below!

#1 - Magazine Reconaissance Mission:

The holiday season (or any extended break) allows for many perfect moments to schedule in some time studying - in person, in the flesh and paper - the magazines you want to see your business featured in this coming 2015. 

Whether you're in an airport, in front of a crackling fire or hidden somewhere from your relatives for an hour or two, be sure you give yourself ample time to pore over, read, enjoy, take notes and clippings and get inspired by the monthly magazines you target in your PR outreach (or dreams).  Without truly getting to know their most recent - and in some cases like Good Housekeeping Magazine, updated - editions, you won't be ready to pitch them in the most customized, targeted and at the end of the day, successful manner. 

Magazine research is always homework that I enjoy and learn from, and the best way for me to take it all in and get strategic is when I have ample, focused time to do it.  So get that stack of magazines, grab a hot cocoa (or a hot toddy) and dive into your favorite glossies.  They'll lead you one step close to magazine press success!

#2 Until 2015 Begin Pitch Free Authentic Communciation with at Least 5 Press Targets

We get it, you're so eager to see you business featured by specific blogs, television shows or magazines that you spend much of your day thinking about, pitching, or obsessing over the people at these outlets that you're pitching.  Until 2015, here's what we suggest you do instead - that's right, for the rest of the year...

  • Pick 5 of your pitching targets (or more if you're feeling awesome)...
  • Do not pitch these targets for the rest of the year.
  • Follow them on Twitter and/or Instagram.
  • Authentically interact with them, this means: get to know what they post about, their interests and their style; respond to or retweet things that truly interest you that they post; if you see or read something they created and liked it, let them know.  Bonus points if you actively look at what they're writing or posting or producing during this perdod.
  • Do all of this without ever pitching yourself, your products or services to them.
  • Simply connect.

When the clock strikes midnight this New Year's Eve you may once again began strategically planning your next pitch outreach to them, but for now, just focus on building a relationship. 

#3 Look at Your Competition's Press Page

No this is not meant to frustrate you, make you feel competitive or make you feel anxious.  By looking at your competition's press page you'll be able to see if there are any key outlets talking about your industry, product, service or type of business that you haven't pitched because you didn't even realize they existed or because you forgot about them in the day-to-day hustle of doing all the awesome things you love!

Pop in to the brands that are in or close to your "category" of business, those you know compete with you or those that have a similar audience, and just scan their press pages.  Get inspired by the story angles, take notice of the names of the people who covered them. Schedule in this type of research at least quarterly when working on your own buzz building campaign!

#4 Set Three Big Goals...On Different Platforms

Quick: what three outlets do you want your business to be in really badly?  Okay now let's narrow it down, pick your top blog, television show (local or national), and magazine.

Great this is your first set of "Big Three" goals for the New Year.  You are going to get into these three outlets.  You are going to know everything backwards and forwards about these outlets.  You're going to study and research the right contacts, you're going to watch or read them and you're going to decide what is the perfect pitch and angle to lead with when you reach out to them. 

Sometimes we can set too many goals or shift from shiny goal to shiny goal when we're doing our own buzz building research.  It can also feel overwhelming.  When you start with three big goals to put big effort into, it makes things more do-able and almost, dare I say, fun!

Yes, you can feel free to follow up with other outlets you've already been pitching, answer PR leads or continue systems you've already been working on prior to this challenge, but try to keep that Big Three on a pedestal, and see how far this extra attention will take you!